Don’t Wait Months for a Crown | Birmingham, MI

I recently had a new patient who came to me with a fractured tooth. This particular patient had an old filling that ended up breaking the cusp of one of his molars. This is a common problem, and one that can be fixed with a permanent, natural-looking restoration. We dentists have been restoring ...

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Preserve Your Health with Invisalign | Birmingham, MI

If you’ve ever consider fixing your crooked teeth or your pesky bite issues, I’m guessing you immediately ruled out that thought because you do not want to spend two years or longer wearing metal braces. I can’t blame you for having that reservation about braces. I was a kid once. I remember ...

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What to Do When a Dental Emergency Strikes | Birmingham, MI

Most of us know someone who has had a serious dental emergency. Or maybe you’ve been unfortunate enough to experience a dental emergency yourself. Dental emergencies can be debilitating and cause us to miss work or time with our family. There is no good time for a dental emergency, and ...

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The Rise in Dental Emergencies

Since the early 2000s, hospitals have recorded a growing number of visits from patients with dental emergencies. Obviously hospitals are the best place to go when we have an emergency, but visits for dental purposes are often uneventful because most hospitals do not have a full-time dentist on ...

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Welcome to Our New Website

Dr. Newingham and our entire dental team are proud to introduce our new website! Here, you can learn about all of our different services, find information about our practice itself, and be able to conveniently schedule your next appointment in just a few clicks. We look forward to hearing from you ...

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