We’re barely into the first weeks of Springtime, but the change in weather and scenery is already a blessing. I love watching the transition from the dead, barren landscapes of Winter to the vibrancy and beauty of a Midwestern Spring.

In a lot of ways, however, your smile is still stuck in the snow. All of those problems and issues that you’ve neglected to take care of have been snowballing over time, but it’s your missing teeth that have your self-esteem frozen in time.

Having a missing tooth can be a terrible way to learn the importance of a healthy smile, because as the saying goes, you don’t know what you got until it’s gone. Enduring the physical and emotional trauma of an incomplete smile is a terrible way to meet a season of renewal and awakening, and can bury your sense of worth under so many layers of guilt and shame that it’s easy to forget what you used to feel like before your inferior smile started calling the shots.

The bad news about missing teeth doesn’t begin and end with hurt feelings, tragically: Missing teeth can contribute to many serious problems within your smile, including:

  • Bone loss in your jaw
  • Increased risk of debilitating gum disease
  • Infection of tooth socket
  • Remaining teeth “drifting” out of their proper place
  • And more

Any one of these problems would be enough to bring a smile to its knees, so to speak, but if you have one or more missing teeth, then you could be inviting two, three, or even all of those problems into your smile. If that should happen, and you don’t seek professional treatment from your Birmingham dentist, then I am afraid it is only a simple matter of time before your smile literally falls apart.

Under those terrible circumstances, your smile may be beyond saving; “salvaging” might be a more accurate word in that case. And the procedures necessary at such a tragic late stage may include painful oral surgeries, not to mention extensive bone grafts to replace loss jaw density.
And to think: All of that over just a couple missing teeth!

You smile is a perfectly calibrated piece of organic machinery, and everything is there for a reason. Removing just one element for an extended period of time can have major consequences down the line.
The good news is that replacing a missing (or even damaged) tooth can fix those problems, and it’s a process that has never been easier or more reliable thanks to dental implants!

Security, Beauty, And More!

Dental implants are a fantastic, permanent, and nearly painless solution to the problem of missing teeth. They’ll improve not only your appearance by making it possible to support a glistening artificial crown, but they will prevent those nasty problems like drifting teeth from ever occurring!

A dental implant works pretty much like it sounds: It is an artificial tooth root that is implanted into the gum line, right down to the jaw itself for maximum security. They’re made from a titanium alloy, which is among the strongest materials known to mankind, allowing your new implant to support an artificial crown or dental bridge – and bring back functionality to your smile in the process.

A dental implant is also much more hygienic, allowing greater accessibility to properly clean and maintain it for years and years to come! All it takes is one appointment, and we’ll put you under an anesthetic so that you won’t feel any pain whatsoever!

A “Crowning” Achievement!

Once you’ve been fitted with your new, high-quality dental implants, the next step is usually a classic cosmetic dentistry procedure, like getting a dental crown. I can fashion lifelike porcelain-ceramic crowns right in my Birmingham dental office thanks to a machine known as CEREC, which is a painless way of saying Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.

In other words, a CEREC allows me to digitally analyze your smile and craft an artificial dental crown in just one afternoon appointment. You’ve been dealing with these problems long enough, and I’m committed to lightning-fast solutions that don’t skimp on quality!

Discover It For Yourself

I want you to be the latest patient who has been inspired by promise of Spring, and to accept the renewal of beauty in your own smile. A dental implant and implant-retained crown could be just the ticket to meeting the new season with a confidence you’ve got you had.

To make your appointment, please call me at 248-972-8720. Alternatively, you can click here to request an appointment online. I look forward to meeting you!