Custom Athletic Mouthguards Keep You Safely In Action

At Newingham Dental Center, we provide customized Under Armour brand athletic mouthguards to protect all of our active patients. If you or someone in your family is playing sports or participating in serious athletic activity, you should make sure that you have the proper protection for your teeth, tongue, and mouth.

Unfortunately, many people choose to buy over-the-counter mouth guards. There’s really no comparison, though, since one of our custom mouthguards will:

  • Provide superior protection upon impact
  • Last much longer
  • Fit perfectly your mouth (store-bought mouthguards are made to fit any mouth, so they are often too large in the front and do not extend toward the back teeth)
  • Remain firmly in place unless you physically move it (OTC guards must be held in place, which makes it difficult to talk and breathe)

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Safety & Savings: The Importance Of Custom Athletic Mouthguards

Studies reported by the American Dental Association show that athletes who wear well-fitting guards sustain fewer injuries than those who don’t wear them. If you or your kiddos aren’t wearing protective gear, a serious dental injury could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Investing in a high-performance mouthguard will prevent tooth and mouth injuries and save you and your family from the resulting pain and dental bills.

We Provide Mouthguards For Athletes Of All Ages

To create the most effective mouthguard for you or your kids, we first make a digital impression of your teeth. We safely scan your mouth, then send those images to a lab to have 3D models of your teeth developed. These models are used to customize your mouthguard, and can also be reused over time for replacements (a major bonus for parents: “Mom, I lost it again…”).

In just a few short weeks, we will have your custom mouthguard ready, and you can pick it up and check how it fits.

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