Gum Reshaping Will Give You a More Beautiful Smile

Are your healthy and aligned teeth being hidden by an unusually low gumline? You may also feel self-conscious because of an uneven gumline. We completely understand, as gum issues can dramatically affect the appearance of your teeth.

Our talented Newingham Dental Center staff can help you with Birmingham gum reshaping. You can finally show off those beautiful pearly whites that have been hidden for way too long! Our care will allow you to:

  • Smile with confidence wherever you go
  • Make better first impressions
  • Draw others to you with a natural, genuine smile

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Our Treatment Will Comfortably Correct Your Gums

Fortunately, most gumlines can be corrected through gum reshaping or contouring. This is a simple procedure that we can perform to remove the excess gum tissue and expose the beautiful teeth that were hidden underneath.

When you come to us for gum reshaping, your dentist will examine your mouth and determine where your ideal gumline should be. So that you can understand exactly what we will do, we will take pictures of your teeth and show you where we will be moving the gumline.

For the procedure, we will:

  • Apply a little anesthetic, so that you can remain completely comfortable
  • Offer you sedation, if desired, for a completely relaxing experience
  • Closely examine where your gum tissue connects to the bone
  • Adjust your gumline by removing the hard tissue under your gums for the best results

In a few days, your gums will completely heal, and you’ll be able to enjoy your stunning new smile!

If you have the opposite problem and your gums are receding, we work closely with a skilled specialist who can give you a balanced smile again.

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Common Questions About Gum Reshaping / Gummy Smile Treatment

What is gum reshaping?

If too much of your gums show when you smile, you have what’s known as a gummy smile. Gum reshaping removes excess gum tissue to even out your teeth-to-gum ratio. Treatment can usually be completed in just one visit. You can leave our office with your new smile and new confidence to go along with it.

Is gum reshaping painful?

We do everything we can to make this treatment (and our many other treatments) as pain-free as they can be. We offer local anesthetic along with two levels of dental sedation to help you relax during your procedure. We’ll also advise you on what to do as you recover so you have as little pain as possible.

How much does gum reshaping cost?

Gum reshaping treatment can vary in price, depending on the level of complexity and extent of the treatment. We would need to examine your mouth first and possibly take a set of X-rays before we could give you a price. Once we have a treatment plan in mind, we can give you specific details on the cost of your individual treatment.