Family Dentistry Includes Caring for Kids (video)

We consider family dentistry to be an integral part of what we do at Newingham Dental Center. You deserve the convenience of a dental home where you and your kids can get high-quality, compassionate, and professional dental care. In the video below, Carrie (one of our dental hygienists) ...

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Four Ways to Save Your Smile (infographic)

Restorative dentistry includes a variety of services. All of them are ways to save your smile and restore the function of your teeth. If you want to eat comfortably, speak naturally, and smile confidently, you can find what you need at Newingham Dental Center. Our office is in Birmingham, MI, ...

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Clear Aligners Could Be Perfect For Your Smile

Few people are born with “perfect” smiles. There’s a reason tens of millions of people start orthodontic treatments every year. Millions more are thinking about it. Everyone would like to have straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Yet, many people — particularly adults — are ...

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We Can Be Your Home for Complete Dental Care (video)

You deserve comprehensive dental care, no matter what oral health issues you may be facing. You can find that at Newingham Dental Center. To illustrate that, we are sharing a testimonial from Marissa, one of our many happy patients. She explains in the video below why she enjoys coming to our ...

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Give Yourself The Gift of Your Dream Smile

We know it’s a little early, but you may have already started putting together your shopping list for Christmas gifts. (Some of you have probably already bought some things as well.) Make sure you remember to include yourself on your list. A great gift you can give yourself in a new ...

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You Need Healthy Gums To Have A Healthy Smile

Your smile is an important part of who you are, which is all just another reason why you should care about your gum health as well. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss and raise your risk of other health issues such as cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. At our Birmingham, MI dental office, ...

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Stop Grinding Your Teeth & Start Feeling Better (video)

Teeth grinding can really wear down your teeth. It can cause chips and cracks to form, and it can leave you more vulnerable to a tooth infection. Plus, it can lead to a TMJ disorder or TMD, which can cause headaches, jaw pain, and jaw stiffness. Our team at Newingham Dental Center can ...

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Enjoy Your Treats & Keep Your Smile (infographic)

It won’t be too long before your kids come home with piles of candy. Before you let them dive in (or snag a few sweets for yourself), take a moment to learns which sweets post the greatest risk for tooth decay. Keep in mind that any candy should be eaten in moderation. Drinking a glass of ...

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You Can Cope With, Overcome Dental Fear

It can be scary. We understand that. It’s also why we place such a high priority of patient comfort — both physical and emotional. If you’ve been avoiding the dental for years or putting off a cleaning or other procedure, then you may be one of the millions of people who struggle with ...

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