You’ve tried every trick you can think of to get your kids to brush their teeth. You’re just worn out. You’ve had a long day at work, and you don’t have the energy to fight with them.

As long as they make some effort to brush, that’s good, right? (We’ll leave flossing for another day.)

Many parents can relate to scenarios just like the one described above. It’s also why we want to let you know that our team at Newingham Dental Center wants to help you keep your kids’ mouths as healthy as they can be. Regular dental visits can be a real smile saver.

Consider us your backup for those days when your kids may not be caring for their teeth as well as they should. Our services can prevent problems or fix them before they turn into something much worse.

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Make Preventive Care A Priority

You could say that family dentistry is the foundation of what we do at our practice. We emphasize preventive care whenever possible, but we also offer a variety of services. That way we can care for you and your loved ones no matter what stage of life you’re in.

Today, however, we want to talk about kids. February is Children’s Dental Health Month, so we want to discuss some of the ways we can encourage healthy habits for the youngest members of your family.

To help your kids feel comfortable at the dentist, we encourage you to bring them with you to your own cleanings and exams. This helps in two ways. First, your kids get to see that regular dental visits are an important part of caring for your teeth. Second, your kids get to know our team and become familiar with our office. This way, they are less likely to feel anxious when they are ready for their own dental appointments.

In addition to routine cleanings, you may want to consider sealants and fluoride treatments as well.

As noted above, your kids might not always brush and floss as well as they should. Dental sealants add a literal layer of protection for smiles. Sealants act as a barrier between cavity-causing bacteria and teeth. Fluoride is a mineral that makes teeth stronger and more resistant to decay.

As important as those services are, the most important thing we can offer may be knowledge. Your visits with us are a great opportunity for you and your kids to ask questions about what you should be doing at home to keep your teeth as healthy as they can be.

Protect Your Teeth From Harm

Living in Michigan, we know people love sports. Basketball, football, hockey, skiing, wrestling, and more are great ways to stay in shape … and to possibly break or lose a tooth.

That’s why it’s essential that your kids wear athletic mouthguards whenever they take to the court, the field, the rink, the slopes, or the mat. We can create custom-made mouthguards, so your kids get the best protection possible.

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