Playing sports is a great idea, but playing without a custom mouthguard is not. Call us today at 248-972-8720 to schedule your appointment for a customized Under Armour athletic mouthguard. Skip the store-bought brands as they often do not protect your teeth as well as a custom-fitted one. Dr. Newingham has trained enough to become a preferred provider for these mouthguards.

When You Need An Athletic Mouthguard

The problem with sports injuries is that you never know when they might happen. Sure, some sports are more risky than others. However, there’s no way of knowing for sure that something is safe or not.

That’s why professional athletes wear athletic mouthguards so often. It’s important to protect teeth while being active because an injury can happen almost any time. These injuries can be rough on a smile, such as:

  • Getting hit in the face by a foul ball or puck
  • Tripping and landing hard on the court
  • Falling off your bike while riding on a hard surface
  • Getting tackled or checked hard enough to slam your teeth together

All of these can cause serious damage to your teeth, such as chips, cracks, knocking them crooked, or knocking them out entirely. That why you need to call our Birmingham, MI dental office today and schedule an appointment. Until you have an athletic mouthguard that fit well, your whole smile is at risk

Protecting Your Smile With Custom Mouthguards

You could buy a generic, “one size fits all” mouthguard in sporting good stores. However, an Under Armour customized athletic mouthguard has several advantages over those. Dr. Newingham is also certified to offer and custom-fit Under Armour athletic mouthguards, unlike most people in sporting good stores.

Custom mouthguards fit better, so they protect better.

The whole point is to protect your smile. Regular mouthguards might not cover your back teeth. They can also move around in your mouth. You wouldn’t wear a helmet that didn’t fit, so why wear a mouthguard that doesn’t?
Call us today at 248-972-8720 and schedule your next appointment for a customized mouthguard. Dr. Newingham takes a careful impression of your teeth. Since the mouthguard is made based on that impression, yours will fit much better. That means it protects your smile better, too.

Custom mouthguards save you money in the long-run.

Yes, you can get a generic mouthguard cheaper. But you know the old saying: You get what you pay for. Saving a little money know can mean more expensive dental treatments down the road. Your mouthguard should protect your teeth from such damage. How much will you save if you have to get a dental emergency later on?

Protect your teeth by calling Dr. Newingham today for a custom Under Armour mouthguard. As a preferred provider, he knows how to help your athletic mouthguard protect your teeth and avoid emergency restorative dentistry treatments down the road.

Custom mouthguards help you breathe and talk easier.

Store-bought mouthguards are often big and ill-fitting. That can get in the way of breathing deeply when you really need it. They can also make it harder to communicate by getting in the way of talking. Unless you play some sport that requires no communication or exercise, you can have problems with both.

That’s why you need to call today and schedule an appointment for a custom athletic mouthguard. Dr. Newingham has the training needed to take an accurate impression of your teeth. When your Under Armour mouthguard comes in, you’ll feel how it fits well. That can help you breathe and talk better while playing.

Custom mouthguards feel more comfortable when worn.

When you’re in a big game, you need to get past distractions and focus. Because generic mouthguards don’t fit right, they can often be uncomfortable. That nagging feeling can get in your head and distract you.

By calling our Birmingham, MI dental office today, you can make an appointment to customize your athletic mouthguard. This way, it will fit well enough to be comfortable so you can focus on the game.

Call us TODAY at 248-972-8720 or use our convenient online form to schedule your next appointment for a custom athletic mouthguard. Since Dr. Newingham is a preferred provider for Under Armour mouthguards, he has training and knowledge other dentists do not. With his help, you can get a customized mouthguard that truly protects your smile.