You love cheering on your kids when they’re playing a big game, but if they suffer a dental injury while getting active, their day and yours could be ruined. If you’d like to help your children avoid a variety of dental injuries, give the team at Newingham Dental Center a call at 248-972-8720 to learn about our custom athletic mouthguards.

We offer a wide range of dental treatments at our Birmingham, MI dentist office, including some that you might not expect like custom-made mouthguards for athletes. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for you and your family when you need to see a dentist, whether you need something simple like a dental cleaning and exam or a more involved procedure like a dental implant.

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Get Your Kid A Custom Athletic Mouthguard To Protect Their Smile

Mouthguards are a solid investment because they can help your children avoid a major dental injury that could result in very expensive treatments down the road. By using a mouthguard while getting active, your kid will essentially have a barrier between their teeth to prevent smile damage of many kinds, including:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Injuries to the inside of the mouth from teeth knocking against them
  • Accidentally biting their tongue

You may assume that mouthguards are only necessary for certain sports and other kinds of physical activities. While your child doesn’t need to wear a mouthguard while they’re doing something with a low risk of dental injury, like jogging for example, if there’s a decent chance that your child’s teeth or gums could be injured, they should probably use a mouthguard.

Along with contact sports like football, hockey, and boxing, your child should also have a mouthguard if they participate in any of the following activities:

  • Soccer
  • Gymnastic
  • Martial arts
  • Extreme sports like skateboarding and rollerblading
  • Skiing (both on water and on snow)
  • Baseball
  • Basketball

Basically, if the physical activity your child enjoys involves any of the following, then you should probably get them a custom athletic mouthguard:

  • Catching and throwing objects
  • Frequent direction changes
  • Jumping

In order to ensure that your child’s mouthguard stays in good shape and continues protecting their smile as it should, you’ll need to make sure they take great care of it. We’ll explain what your kid will need to do in order to ensure their mouthguard stays clean and protected from damage during a visit at our office, but here are some basics so you’ll have a general idea:

  • After every use, clean the mouthguard using toothpaste and a toothbrush, then rinse it with soapy water
  • Make sure the mouthguard is fully dry after cleaning it, then place it in a clean, vented container for storage
  • Rinse the mouthguard before every use
  • Replace the mouthguard if it becomes worn-out over time

There are also a couple of “don’ts” when it comes to taking care of an athletic mouthguard. Here are just a few:

  • Never use water that is too hot on the mouthguard or it may lose its proper shape, making it uncomfortable but also decreasing its effectiveness
  • Do not trim the mouthguard
  • Do not chew on the mouthguard

If your child forgets to wear their mouthguard and they suffer an injury of their mouth, visit our Birmingham, MI dentist office as soon as possible for a dental emergency appointment. We’ll do our very best to give your kid a same-day appointment so we can get them out of pain and fix their smile with whatever restorative dentistry option will get their grin back so it’s good as new.

The sooner you visit us when your child has a dental emergency, the better. If their injury is causing them to bleed and you are unable to stop the bleeding, visiting your local emergency room as soon as possible and then follow up with us for dental treatment to repair their smile.

If you are considering skipping the custom mouthguard for your little athlete because you want a more affordable option and are considering a boil-and-bite or one-size-fits-all mouthguard, you should visit us to learn the many advantages of custom options.

For one thing, they are much more effective when it comes to protecting smiles. They are also more durable and will last longer with proper care. Your child will also prefer a custom mouthguard because it will be much more comfortable for them because it will fit their mouth precisely.

When you consider the cost of a dental emergency and restorative treatment, the price of a custom mouthguard doesn’t seem so bad now does it?

If you decide to get a custom mouthguard for your child, yourself, or anyone else in your family, we will take a precise impression to ensure the mouthguard fits just right. We’ll then have your mouthguard made for you and you can come back and try it on to see how it fits in a couple of weeks.

To make your visit as pleasant as possible, our caring team will offer you various amenities to help you relax.

Don’t let your child athlete run the risk of a dental injury – help them protect their teeth and the rest of their mouth with a custom athletic mouthguard from Newingham Dental Center. Call 248-972-8720, visit Birmingham, MI dentist office in person, or use our handy online form to book a visit with us.