In science fiction and fantasy stories, there’s often some advanced technology or magical object that can make something or someone unseen. Turning invisible is also a superpower for comic book heroes.

Real world technology isn’t quite that advanced, but we do offer a service that has been called “invisible braces.” Invisalign® was designed to be a discreet way to improve your smile.

In other words, it’s an effective way for many people to get straight teeth without braces.

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Undercover Orthodontics

OK, OK, maybe orthodontic care is not as exciting as being a spy. But having an inconspicuous way to change your smile can help you feel more comfortable with your treatment.

Many adults are not interested in wearing braces. When you have a career, the last thing you want is for a client or coworker to become distracted by metal brackets on your teeth with you are trying to have a serious discussion about products and services.

On a more personal level, you may not feel comfortable socializing or dating with braces on your teeth. While the end result of wearing braces can give you more confidence, you may not feel comfortable with the idea of having those braces on your teeth for years.

With Invisalign, a series of custom-designed aligners are made just for you. Each aligner is made of clear plastic. As a result, each aligner will seem to disappear when you place it over your teeth. Most people won’t have any idea you are wearing anything at all … unless you tell them about your aligner or take it out in front of them.

That leads us to another benefit of Invisalign over braces.

Don’t Change Your Diet to Change Your Smile

Another common complaint about braces has to do with eating.

More specifically, the complaint is about what you can’t — or at least shouldn’t — eat while you have brackets and wire attached to your teeth. Hard, crunchy, chewy, and sticky foods can create a variety of problems, which can cause brackets to come loose and wires to bend or break.

That means you aren’t supposed to eat things like corn on the cob, hard candy, nuts, tortilla chips, or taffy when you have braces. You also have to be careful with popcorn and many fruits and vegetables.

With Invisalign, you won’t have to make any changes to your eating habits. All you have to do is remove your aligner before you eat. Then you can eat anything you would normally. Just remember to brush and floss (which is also a lot easier without braces) and to clean your aligner before putting it back in.

Get Your Smile on Track

Make plans to visit Newingham Dental Center if you are ready to make a change to your smile. Invisalign could be the solution you’ve been looking for if you’ve been hesitant to try orthodontic care as an adult.

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