Last time I checked, the year was 2016. So why is your dentist pretending like it’s still the 20th Century?

I’m not trying to be rude, but I always scratch my head when my peers are stuck using the same techniques and tools that we all grew up with. In a lot of ways, it’s like driving the same type of car that your parents used to drive, and only throwing a few new parts and a coat of paint onto it every few years. Sure, it still works the same, but it doesn’t work as well (nor is it as safe), especially when you compare it to the newer models out there.

In dentistry, as in all things, new doesn’t necessarily mean better. There is still no substitute for a dentist who care about his patients, and there is no replacing some of the more basic services that I provide. After all, an electric toothbrush is still a toothbrush no matter how much noise it makes.

But in other areas, dental technology has made huge leaps in the quality of care and the reduction of pain that I simply cannot ignore out of a commitment to my patients to provide them with the best, most gentle oral healthcare in Birmingham, MI. Anything less, and I feel like I wouldn’t be doing my best.

By keeping up with the latest procedures and outfitting my practice with the latest technologies, I can provide a level of comfort that you might not have realized was possible when it comes to receiving dental care. In many cases, my techniques can allow for more effective treatments that are quicker and even pain-free.

Technology For Greater Convenience

All of the latest gadgets on the market don’t mean anything if they’re not working for you. That’s why I’ve carefully selected the following procedures to make sure that they aren’t just bells and whistles. These services can enable me to deliver greater personalized dental healthcare to patients like you, and I’m excited to share them with you.

  • Same-day smiles – Missing or damaged teeth can require a crown or bridge. That’s an artificial tooth or teeth placed over a damaged area for a lustrous new smile. Most dentists need a couple of weeks to perform such a treatment, but thanks to a process known as CEREC, I can design and craft your polished new smile in my office and install them into your smile on the same day of your appointment!
  • Digital X-rays – I use digital scanning technology to enhance my ability to detect cavities and other imperfections within my patients’ smile. Digital X-rays don’t use any potentially harmful radiation, and provide greater accuracy in getting to the bottom of any problem with your smile.
  • Zoom!® teeth whitening – Most teeth whitening solutions can take several weeks to work, and even at the end of that process, your smile won’t be as white as what’s advertised on the box. My in-office whitening treatment will take just minutes, and will eliminate the hardest to reach stains, providing you with a glamorously white smile!
  • Electric instruments – If you close your eyes and try to imagine it, you can almost hear the high-pitched buzzing of a dentist’ rotary drill. When you’re at Newingham Dental Center, however, you likely won’t hear anything, because I use advanced drills that are electrically powered, which greatly reduces that awful, anxiety-causing sound.
  • Direct access to me – In this day and age of the Internet and so-called “social media,” it seems like people are saying more than they ever have without really having anything to say. However, I will offer you my phone number and my email address when you’re my patient, because I believe that all of this technology is for nothing if you can’t reach out and touch your dentist when you have a pressing question or concern. I’ll make myself available to you no matter what!

Make Technology Work For You

These are just a small taste of the kinds of services I can offer you. You can’t keep waiting to see your Birmingham dentist until all the technology in the world won’t be able to save your smile from a painful dental emergency.
So take advantage of my services while you still can, and setup your appointment by calling 248-972-8720. You may also request an appointment online by clicking this link.