Since becoming a dentist, I’ve continued to study ways to make the patient experience better. That means finding comfortable and affordable treatments while also building beautiful and long-lasting smiles.

In speaking with many, many patients, I’ve found that people often feel helpless about their teeth and sometime even their treatments. They feel as though they spend way too much time in the office, and the adults especially don’t want to commit to lengthy treatments. I couldn’t agree more that patients are spending too much time in the office. At Newingham Dental Care, we focus on treatments that will fit your budget and your schedule. My new patients are relieved to see the modern tools and to hear the timeline for restoring their mouths. In some cases, we can repair your smile in one day.

You probably will not hear many dentists telling their patients to spend less time at the dentist, but that’s exactly what I’m going to tell you today. Keep reading and I’ll share some ways you can quickly transform your smiles.

Brighten Your Teeth in About an Hour

I’ve yet to find many patients who do not want to have a white, bright smile. A bright smile can give you confidence and make you look great. That’s why I offer a specific procedure that allows you to brighten your smile in less than an hour. This treatment is perfect for brides to be or grooms to be and can easily be added at the end of your dental cleanings. The procedure is minimally invasive, and you can improve the brightness of your teeth by up to eight shades.

Here’s how it works: We use a special whitening gel that is placed evenly throughout the mouth. Once the gel is placed, it’s activated by a special light. We render these whitening treatments in 15-minute sessions. You don’t have to do anything. You simply sit back and let the whitening gel do all the work. We will repeat the whitening treatment every 15 minutes until we reach your desired shade, but most patients see great results on the first session.

Don’t Settle for Temporary Crowns

If you’ve had a dental crown placed before, you’re well aware of the hassle. The dentist prepares the tooth, takes an impression, and then places a temporary crown. Then, you wait a few weeks while the permanent crown is being fabricated. This is a multistep process that typically takes between two and three visits. But what if I told you you can complete all this work in one appointment?

Using our CEREC machine, we can prepare the tooth, take a digital impression, and then set a permanent crown. Because of the digital scan, we can take extremely accurate impressions of the tooth, ensuring a great fit. But the best aspect of a same-day crown is that you get it in one day. There’s no more multiple visits to the office. There’s no more goopy impressions. And there’s no more having to wear an ill-fitting temporary crown. The CEREC machine includes a special milling machine. The machine then fabricates your crown based on the digital impression.

CEREC has help us move away from having to place temporary crowns. Temporary crowns are typically made from acrylic material and are slightly smaller than the permanent crown. Patients often complain about temporary crowns, and these fabrications are prone to dislodging. That makes the entire crown process awful. The CEREC machine addresses most of the negative points about needing a crown.

Same-day crowns and in-office whitening services are just two ways you can improve your smile in one day. I don’t want you to think that dentistry has to be a long, drawn-out process. You can achieve a better smile without scheduling multiple dental appointments and waiting months to see results. If you’re ready to make a change, call our office today at 248-972-8720.