If you have a dental emergency like a lost tooth or a very bad toothache, call Dr. Newingham today at 248-972-8720 for an emergency appointment. Even if our Birmingham, MI dental office is closed, your call will go directly to Dr. Newingham. That’s because he’s honestly dedicated to helping people with dental care.

Preparing For Dental Emergencies

The best way to stay calm during a dental emergency is to be prepared. Here are two of the biggest tips for what you can do now.


By having our phone number (248-972-8720) already in your phone, you won’t have to go online or search around for the number you need in a dental emergency. Instead, you can just press a button and call us for an emergency appointment.

If you call during the day, you can almost always be seen the same day. (And if we’re closed, you’ll be routed to Dr. Newingham himself.)


Many homes have a first aid kit ready for a medical emergency, so why not have a dental emergency kit? They are easy to assemble and can help you stay calm by providing things you need.

First, get a small box or container and label it so everyone in your home knows what it’s for. Then add the following to it:

  • Sterile gauze or cloth
  • A small container with a liquid-proof lid
  • Non-aspirin painkillers
  • Dental cement (you can get this at most drugstores)
  • A piece of paper with our phone number and address

A dental emergency kit like this can make a big difference. After all, no one knows when a dental emergency will happen.

What To Do With Serious Dental Emergencies

Besides those big tips, you can help stay calm by knowing what to do with some common emergencies. Here is what you should do in specific cases.

A tooth is now loose.

If you are bleeding, use a sterile cloth to stop it with direct pressure. Go to the emergency room if the bleeding will not stop. Then call our Birmingham, MI dental office for an emergency appointment. Do your best to leave the tooth alone, as just testing to see how loose it is can make it fall out.

A tooth was cracked or chipped.

Again, stop any bleeding and go to the emergency room if you cannot. Then call Dr. Newingham for an emergency appointment. Take non-aspirin painkillers to manage the pain. You do not need to worry about any piece that chipped or broke off.

A tooth was knocked out.

If you are bleeding, use direct pressure to stop it. Collect the lost tooth if you can, rinse it gently, then put it in a small container with enough water to cover it completely. Call us immediately at 248-972-8720 for an emergency appointment. Be sure to bring the lost tooth with you.

A filling or dental crown came out.

Go to the drugstore and buy dental cement. This temporary fix can be used to replace fillings or hold a dental crown on the tooth where it belongs. Once this is taken care of, contact Newingham Dental Center for an emergency appointment.

A toothache is too strong to handle.

If your tooth pain is too much to bear, take some non-aspirin painkillers as directed. Then call Dr. Newingham and explain what’s going on. You’ll be seen at our Birmingham, MI dental office as soon as possible. If the pain grows much worse, visit the emergency room instead.

If you are having a dental emergency, call us now at 248-972-8720. Dr. Newingham is dedicated to helping people live better lives through dentistry. He will see you as soon as possible. If this isn’t an emergency, you can still call or use our convenient online form to make a new appointment.