With each year that passes us by, doesn’t it seem harder and harder to achieve our personal goals? That New Year’s resolutions can be a beacon of hope one day, and a deadweight the next?

There’s always more to do this year than the last, and oddly it seems like there’s less time to do it in. By the time that the spring sun shines once again on our beautiful state of Michigan and melts those drifts of snow away, we find that so too have many of our New Year’s resolutions melted away by the demands of work, family, or both, like so much water.

Diets go unfollowed. Bad habits remain or, after a fleeting triumph, re-emerge like a fly you thought you’d swatted away. That gym membership sits idle, the membership card in your wallet or purse growing heavier by the day.

Before too long, we find ourselves making those same resolutions once again, hoping that the next year will be different.

If you have resolved to look better and to feel better, we encourage you to keep at it.
But if you need a little assistance in making 2016 a banner year for a new, improved you—and we all need a little help from time to time—my staff at Newingham Dental Center and I are ready and waiting to get those resolutions in working order for you.

You’ll be surprised how far a good smile can take you. And if you’ve always felt that your smile was lacking, then we’re excited to show you what you’ve been missing out on!

It All Starts With A Comprehensive Cosmetic Evaluation

Our gorgeous, lush Birmingham, MI, office is where your resolution to look great begins. You might mistake it for a day spa or a boutique hotel, but really, we just want you to feel comfortable when making an important, life-changing decision to look better than you did last year.

The best decisions we make are often when we are at ease, and we want you to be relaxed when you take charge and pick a service that’s right for you.

We will discuss what you want, and guide you through the many options of self-improvement that we offer at Newingham Dental Center in order to meet your goals. Although you might think “it’s just teeth,” the effect of poor oral health and its effect on your appearance can have huge consequences for your happiness and how confidently you are able to meet this new year, day in and day out.

Here’s an overview of some of our most popular cosmetic dentistry services, and how they can improve your life:

  • Veneers – Thin, ceramic coverings that fit over your original tooth that are painless to install and can make your smile pop, giving you that edge in and out of the boardroom.
  • Dental crowns – A sturdier, more comprehensive alternative to veneers, a crown or series of them can transform your smile, giving you renewed confidence in social and business situations.
  • Invisalign braces – An unnoticeable form of braces that can correct crooked, misaligned teeth, making your smile easier to maintain and nicer to look at.
  • Implant retained dentures – A method of firmly anchoring your dentures in place without glues or powders, enabling you to exercise again and eat healthier raw foods, like nuts and root vegetables, once again.

We can’t stress enough how having a good smile can change your entire outlook on things. By finally resolving to put an end to embarrassment and pain—be it from broken or discolored teeth, dentures that won’t stay put, or pain from a previous dental experience—you can better focus on your other priorities.

And at the end of the year, you can look back and say that, at the very least, you did something good for yourself. It’s our hope that it can give you the push you need to seize the new year with conviction.

So before the year begins to slip away from you like it always seems to do, give us a call at 248-972-8720, or click here to request an appointment online.

We want to help you gain the self-esteem you might be lacking to meet your other goals. And even if those other resolutions follow through, and there’s still always next year, come December 31 you can look yourself in the mirror and impressed with the smile that greets you there.