Just because you’ve already lost a tooth or even multiple teeth doesn’t mean that the damage is done and things can’t get worse. To find out just how important it is to fill the gaps in your smile in order to preserve your oral health, call Newingham Dental Center at 248-972-8720 to book a consultation with us and find out if a same-day dental bridge is a good option for you.

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If financial concerns have been the main stopping block between you and the restorative treatments you need, you’ll be happy to know that we accept a variety of payment options. You can even finance your procedures through a third party, CareCredit.

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Find Out What Could Happen If You Don’t Replace Your Teeth

Maybe you lost a tooth due to a freak dental emergency type of situation. Or perhaps you had to undergo repeated dental treatments and your tooth finally became too weak or infected and it had to be removed in order to stop the problem from spreading elsewhere in your mouth. Regardless of why you lost a tooth, you may be thinking to yourself – what’s done is done.

But while it’s obviously true that you can’t simply turn back the clock and get your healthy tooth back, you’d be mistaken if you were to assume that your situation can’t get worse after you lose a tooth. And the issues are not limited to cosmetic concerns, so even if the tooth you lost doesn’t show when you smile, you should still be concerned.

For one thing, if you lose a tooth, your other teeth will need to compensate when you chew food. This could put undue stress on your remaining teeth and lead them to become damaged over time.

If you lose a tooth, you’ll also be missing the tooth roots that used to be there. This may not seem like a big deal, but your tooth roots actually help to prevent jawbone deterioration. Left unaddressed, a missing tooth could eventually lead to a weakened jaw and even further tooth loss.

A missing tooth could also eventually lead to your surrounding teeth drifting out of place. Again, this may not seem so pressing, but this situation could get worse quickly and lead to misalignment, tooth decay, and tooth loss as well.

If you do have a missing tooth or multiple adjacent missing teeth, we can provide a same-day dental bridge to fill the gap in your smile. This will make your grin look great again, restore your oral function in that area of your mouth, and help you avoid further complications.

Depending on your goals and desires, we can provide a same-day traditional dental bridge (that attaches to your teeth surrounding the gap) or a dental implant bridge that uses sturdy titanium posts as a foundation. Regardless of which option you choose, we will create your treatment using cutting-edge dental technology to ensure an excellent result.

To make your visits as pleasant as possible, we also provide various amenities and comfort options. If there’s anything we can do to put you at ease, just let one of our friendly team members know!
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