Your missing teeth are a problem.

They make you talk funny. They make it hard to eat many different foods. And frankly, they make you feel a little self-conscious about your smile.

You don’t like feeling this way. You want something that looks and feels like real teeth, again.

The good news is that you can get it with restorative dentistry at Newingham Dental Center. We’ll explain more in a moment, but if you’d like to get replacement teeth, schedule an appointment with us. Call our Birmingham, MI dental office at 248-972-8720.

Build Something Strong & Secure

In modern dentistry, your teeth replacement can feel strong and stable thanks to the development of dental implants.

Modern, root-form implants have been around since the 1960s, and it’s fair to say they’ve been a real game-changer in restorative care. Newer kinds of implants have been developed since that time, but the fundamental idea remains the same. Implants replace the roots of your missing teeth. That adds a level of security to teeth replacements that wasn’t possible before.

With implants, you can get the closest thing possible to a new tooth. Getting an implant and crown is like getting a whole tooth placed back in your smile. Implants and a bridge can do something similar to replace multiple teeth.

Get The Benefits Of Implants

By getting implants as part of your restorative care, you are setting yourself up for long-term success. Implants do some important things for your oral health.

First, they allow you to replace lost teeth without harming healthy ones. The old way of replacing a tooth or multiple teeth was with a traditional bridge. This required reshaping healthy teeth so your bridge could be bonded to them. That also meant if the bridge failed, you would have to reshape more teeth and get a bigger bridge.

With an implant or implants, you can leave healthy teeth as they are. The implants are placed directly in your jawbone. This provides the support to hold your crown or bridge in position. And if the crown or bridge does wear down over time, you can place a new on your implant, again without needing to do anything to your other teeth.

Maybe just as important is what your implants are doing below the gumline. As replacements for your roots, your implants are stimulating your jawbone every time you bite and chew. That stimulation encourages new bone growth, which keeps your jaw healthy and strong.

Traditional bridges don’t have a connection to your jawbone. As a result, you can lose density in your jaw over time, which can put more of your teeth at risk.

To look at it another way, your implant-supported crown or bridge is replacing your missing teeth and protecting the ones you still have.

Feel Great About Your Smile

With your implants, your replacement teeth can look and feel natural. To experience this for yourself, visit Newingham Dental Center. Call 248-972-8720 or contact us online to request an appointment.