Gum disease is a major problem in our country, and your dentists in Birmingham MI are always on the lookout for new information about this invasive problem. Gum disease can quickly take over your mouth, and it has reached epidemic proportions in America.

At Newingham Dental Center, we’re treating gum disease with advanced technology to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. Today we want to share a few facts about gum disease. You’ll find that it’s a much more invasive problem that you might have imagined.

A recent report from WebMD found that people who are heavy drinkers have a higher risk of gum disease. Being a heavier drinker (more than one drink every day for women and two for men) puts you at a higher risk of cavities, gum disease, and problems like oral cancer. But this is just the latest information about gum disease. Here are some other things we know about gum disease.

It’s the leading cause of tooth loss

Gum disease claims more teeth than cavities or dental trauma. When you think about dental prevention, you probably think about preventing cavities. That’s a good thing to consider, but gum disease actually is the bigger problem. The infection will first start with bleeding or swollen gums, but the problem can quickly erode the bone. The first stages of gum disease, gingivitis are curable, but advanced gum disease (periodontitis) is not curable. If you have periodontitis, you’ll need care for the rest of your life. We recommend people with serious gum disease visit the dentist every three to four months for regular cleanings and necessary treatment.

It’s a widespread problem

Millions of people in American struggle with gum disease. It’s estimated that about 50 percent of all adults will suffer from gum disease. Additionally, that number rises to 70 percent for those 65 and older. Other risks include:

  • Genetics — Even with great oral health care, at home and at the dentist, some of us STILL face a higher risk of gum disease. For many of us, this higher risk is inherited.
  • Using Tobacco — Studies have found that people who use tobacco not only have a higher risk of oral cancers, but also gum disease. We’ve also seen countless smokers and tobacco users who are struggling with mild and advanced gum disease.
  • Dry Mouth — Dry mouth makes it difficult to rid your mouth of harmful bacteria. Some people are more susceptible to dry mouth while other have dry mouth because of medications.
  • Bite issues/Stress — Bite issues, jaw points, or temporomandibular joint issue put added stress on your teeth and gums. The stress can create an infection.

It’s linked to overall health problems

Missing teeth can decrease your overall and oral health, but gum disease also can put you at a higher risk of problems like heart disease and diabetes. The same bacteria that is found in gum disease is also prevalent in heart disease. And while there is no proven cause-and-effect correlation between gum disease and heart, we know that people with gum disease face a much higher risk of heart disease. Additionally, any inflammation — a common sign of gum disease — in the body is BAD for your health.

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