If you have a tooth that is in less than ideal shape, our caring team may be able to help you with an incredibly versatile dental treatment you may not be aware of. To learn about the many ways that a dental crown could improve the health, appearance, and function of a tooth, read on below and then call Newingham Dental Center at 248-972-8720 to book a consultation with us.

We offer a broad selection of cosmetic and restorative dentistry options at our Birmingham, MI dentist office for your convenience. We do our best to provide so many services because we don’t want you to have to waste time driving to multiple specialists to get the dental care you need. By letting us repair your smile and improve its appearance, you may just:

  • Feel less self-conscious when smiling and laughing
  • Get out of dental pain so you can eat your food in comfort again
  • Resolve a dental issue now so it won’t get worse and cost you more time and money in the future
  • Chew in a more natural and thorough way, improving your digestion and your overall health in the process

If you’ve been told that you need any dental services you are not sure you want to get, visit Newingham Dental Center today for a free second opinion and complimentary consultation as well!

To give you a faster and more convenient experience getting a dental crown, we offer same-day service. That’s right – you’ll walk in needing a tooth capped and walk out with a beautifully restored smile! Plus, you won’t have to wait for weeks using an uncomfortable and/or ill-fitting temporary crown.

We know your schedule is already jam-packed. So we offer some flexible hours that will be easier to work with.

Learn The Times When A Same-Day Dental Crown Could Help

Dental crowns are basically shells of strong tooth-colored material that completely cover the portion of a tooth that is visible above the gumline. Because they completely cap a tooth, crowns have many uses that can be restorative, cosmetic, or both. Here are just a few of the scenarios where we may recommend a same-day crown:

  • To protect and strengthen a tooth following a root canal
  • To fortify a tooth that has undergone extensive and/or repeated dental treatments
  • To restore a single dental implant to completely replace a tooth
  • To help hold a cracked tooth together and prevent the situation from worsening
  • To give a worn-down tooth its proper shape and size again
  • To slightly adjust how teeth fit together as part of a TMJ treatment
  • To improve the look of a tooth that is misshapen, significantly stained, or otherwise cosmetically flawed

Of course, the same-day option is preferable for many patients, but depending on your situation, we may recommend a Zirconium crown. While these tooth restorations do take longer to produce and have to be made in a special dental lab, Zirconium caps are very high quality, convincing, and tough.

If you require a restorative treatment on a tooth but the problem is not bad enough to require a full cap, we can also place partial dental crowns, called inlays and onlays.

Regardless of what type and why you get a dental crown from us, we will use state-of-the-art dental technology to plan and execute your procedure. Here are just some of the cutting-edge tools we use in our office:

  • An in-house CEREC milling machine that creates custom caps in a single appointment
  • Digital X-rays, which produce highly detailed images in less time and with less radiation than traditional methods
  • Digital panoramic machines, which allow us to view your situation from every angle
  • Intraoral cameras, which give us the ability to take a close-up view of your tooth and show you what we’re talking about on a display screen
  • Electrically powered handpieces, which are quieter and more efficient than the tools of the past

We will do everything we can to make your procedures as comfortable as possible for you!
Don’t wait to get your tooth repaired or cosmetically improved! If you’d like to take advantage of our same-day dental crowns, call Newingham Dental Center at 248-972-8720 to book a consultation with us. You can also schedule or ask questions using our handy online form.