Metal mouth. Gear face. Iron jaw.

Kids say the darndest things. Sometimes, unfortunately, those things can be darned mean.

But you don’t have to be a kid to be self-conscious about the prospect of walking around with hunks of metal in your teeth that seems to defeat the purpose of why you need them in the first place: A better, straighter smile that gives confidence instead of taking it away.

At Newingham Dental Center, we’re leaders in Michigan orthodontics, and believe that Invisalign is the superior solution to a smile that’s going off the rails.

Our staff can get you the results you deserve and realign your teeth, and we can do it without the stigma that comes with corrective solutions like braces, which can be ammunition for bullies or weights which keep our self-confidence grounded, and without the pain that comes with traditional metal brace installations.

That’s why we offer Invisalign braces: They can change your life and the life of those you care about just as it has for millions of others, and the only thing people will say is how good you look.

What Is Invisalign?

Unlike the bulky braces you might remember growing up, Invisalign is a sleek, clear, plastic composite which affords the same end results more efficiently and without a heavy footprint in your mouth. That means shielding you or your child from painful slings and arrows.

Aside from the social effects that come with traditional braces, Invisalign is designed to fix the same oral problems as braces, just in a stealthier, painless way.

We recommend them as a treatment for crooked or misaligned teeth, which, if untreated, can lead to disastrous complications that will not only make you feel more self-conscious, but threaten your overall oral health, as well.
It doesn’t have to come to that.

What You Can’t See Can Help You

The process of getting fitted for your new Invisalign braces is pretty straightforward, and is pain-free. No screws. No wires. Just results.

After you arrive at our Birmingham, MI, offices and relax in our state-of-the-art lounge, we’ll get to work plotting a “plan” for your teeth in a routine examination. Using computer-aided 3D modeling software, we can chart the right path for your new smile that begins with where your teeth are currently, and ends where we want them to wind up.

The result is a process that can usually take a year (or longer, depending on your individual needs) but is fully charted from day-one, giving you a crystal ball that tells your teeth’s fortune in real-time.

Then, we will design a series of Invisalign components that are specially molded and personalized to fit over your teeth. About every two weeks, you’ll exchange your current Invisalign aligner for a new one, with each set representing another step on the journey toward a perfect, natural smile.

That’s a far cry from older techniques, to say the least. In order to advance your teeth down the same “path” with metal braces, it used to be that you’d have to come in and sit in the chair while a dentist works on your mouth like a mechanic in a body shop, tweaking and twisting knobs and wires.

With Invisalign aligners, that image is in the past where it belongs.

And because of their smaller size when compared to old-school braces, chances are that no one can tell you’re even wearing them! And of course, due to their compact, form-fitting design, you probably won’t notice you’re wearing Invisalign braces, either, after a while.

Invisalign braces are also extremely easy to clean unlike metallic braces, which were notorious for requiring thorough attention during brushing to keep them free of bits of food or (even worse) candy. Less maintenance for improved oral health is never a bad thing.

The technology behind Invisalign goes back to the 1940s, and over time has developed into the high-tech dental tool that it is today. Its manufacturer, Align Technologies, claims that more than 1.5 million people worldwide have benefited from it since the company’s inception in 1997.

No More Shame In Straightening Your Smile

Don’t suffer from the physical and emotional pain of crooked teeth and crooked comments anymore. As leaders in cosmetic dentistry for Troy, Bloomfield Hills, Franklin, Royal Oak, and Birmingham, we’re more than ready to get you or your children on the path to better health and better self-esteem with a simple, safe, and effective Invisalign program.

Call us at 248-972-8720 or click here to request an appointment to leave the bullies and the embarrassment in the dust.