You’ve been around the block more than once in your life, and can look back at your accomplishments with pride. A family, a career, maybe even the retirement you’ve been building all these years—these and more are the rewards you’ve earned.

You’ve been living your life the way you want longer than most, so you know what works and what doesn’t—but why, then, have you yet to conquer those slippery old dentures?

Just because you’re old-fashioned doesn’t mean you have to struggle with unreliable, old-fashioned dentures, which seem like they’re better suited to a game of hot potato than a permanent part of your distinguished appearance.

I understand what that must be like, and the frustration and embarrassment that comes with it. But with the help of my staff at Newingham Dental Center, we keep those dentures in place with a simple, painless procedure that won’t get in your way or require a ton of upkeep, so you can get back to the better things in life, worry-free.

Maybe you thought that traditional dentures were the best there was. That might’ve confused you because of the maintenance and strange chemicals you’d need to clean them and keep them in place only before they slip right out again.

We can offer you a one-time fix that will work better than any powder or glue to keep your dentures in place for good.

You like the idea of dentures, and don’t see the need for intense surgical replacement, but in practice, your dentures tend to act like unruly children, going this way and that with their own ideas in mind.
And the last thing you want is your dentures falling out over and over again until they break, or wind up giving those grand-kids an unintentional toy to play with.

With implant retained dentures, your dentures will be securely held in the right place, giving you a freedom you might not have known you could have.

They’ll keep your dentures in place without any chemical adhesives, letting you go where you want and how you want to get there without carrying a travel bag full of temporary fixes. No more embarrassment, whether vacationing on the beach or playing with your grandchildren.

How Do Implant Retained Dentures Work?
Quite simple, actually.
First, you’ll come to our new, luxurious Birmingham office that will make you feel like you’re at a five-star hotel rather than a dentist’s office. We’ll consult with you, discussing your problems and your needs, and help put you at ease.

Then, once you’ve given us the green light, we will schedule a simple procedure. That procedure requires inserting a limited series of “anchor points” that will keep the dentures firmly in place.
These “anchors” are placed into your gum line, all while you sleep! We’ll do our best to make you as comfortable as we can.

Then we’ll fit you with a new set of special dentures that will feel better and fit better inside your mouth, resulting in less wrinkles bunching up around a new, more secure smile.

The new dentures will be locked in tight, but comfortable, giving you a noticeable improvement in the kinds of foods you can eat and the activities you can enjoy, and without a lengthy procedure.

Plus they’re easy to clean, and don’t require those weird, smelly glues and powders that you hate carrying around with you.

Implant retained dentures are a more comfortable solution to improving your smile and promoting overall oral health than other methods, like bridges, and promotes greater oral health. We understand that you don’t want to deal with a more expensive and more painful recovery process. Implant retained dentures sidestep those problems and more, while delivering quality results.

Get The Security You Deserve
We hope that you understand a little more about implant retained dentures and how they can give you peace of mind that you might’ve thought was out of reach.
My staff is more than happy to pick up a call from you and get you started, so call us at 248-972-8720. We’d love to help you.

Or, since you’re already here, click this link to fill out a simple form to request an appointment that works for you. Our Birmingham, MI, offices service a variety of nearby areas, including Troy, Bloomfield Hills, Franklin, and Royal Oak.

Don’t wait until your dentures break after their millionth slip, and experience the security that a new set of implant retained dentures can provide.