Many singers have sung about dreams of a “White Christmas.” While we’re pretty sure they were talking about snow, we see another way to look at that — and it’s something you can control.

You could give yourself the gift of white, bright teeth this holiday season. We have two great services that can help you have the beautiful smile you want once again.

To learn which one is right for you, schedule a consultation with our dentist in Birmingham, MI. You can call Newingham Dental Center today at 248-972-8720.

Remove Stains for a Better Smile

You already know that your body changes as you get older. You can’t run as fast as you once could. You aren’t as strong as you used to be.

And your teeth, well, they aren’t as shiny and white as they once were, either. That’s normal. A lifetime of drinking coffee, tea, soft drinks, and more along with eating a wide variety of colorful foods leaves its mark on your smile eventually.

We also should mention that using tobacco products will only make those stains worse.

There’s a good chance your stains developed gradually. You probably didn’t notice the subtle changes, but now, it’s pretty obvious to you that your teeth are more yellow than you would like.

In this situation, professional teeth whitening is often your best option. This is more powerful and more effective than anything you will find in stores. In fact, you could noticeably change the color of your teeth in a single visit to our office with Zoom Whitening.

We also offer take-home kits for patients who prefer a DIY approach or who want to touch up their smiles from time to time. As long as your teeth are healthy, professional whitening is a great way to bring back your bright teeth.

Cover Your Discolored Teeth

We noted above that whitening can work if your teeth are healthy. If not, we have another recommendation that can be equally effective for many people.

Dental veneers won’t remove stains from your teeth, but they can do something else that will give you the appearance of a bright, white smile.

Veneers are bonded to the front of your teeth. This would be similar to putting a cover on your cell phone to change how it looks on the outside.

To get veneers, we typically remove a thin layer of enamel from the front of your teeth. Your veneers are custom-made to be as bright as you would like them to be. When they are ready (usually within a few weeks), we’ll bond them in place. With proper care, you can keep your veneers for decades.

Feel Good About Smiling

Smiles have always been important. When you feel good about your teeth, you feel more confident, which can help in social, personal, and professional situations.

You can have the white smile that you want at our Birmingham, MI office. Contact Newingham Dental Center online or call 248-972-8720 to request your appointment.