Does it seem like your smile is all gums and very little teeth? A gummy smile can make you feel like hiding your smile from others. After all, a smile should have a nice balance between your teeth and your gums. You also want that gumline to be straight and even.

If you have a gummy smile, call our Birmingham, MI dental office today at 248-972-8720 to schedule your next appointment for gum reshaping. In this cosmetic dentistry treatment, our Birmingham dentist will gently and carefully remove excess gum tissue. This can finally give you the balanced smile you deserve.

Why You Might Have A Gummy Smile

Ideally, your smile is mostly teeth but with some of your gums showing. Most people have a balanced smile like this. But when you have a gummy smile, things don’t look right. Your gums cover too much of your teeth, so they look small. Plus, your whole smile doesn’t look very good.

In some cases, you have a gumline that’s crooked, meaning the dividing line between your teeth and gums is not straight like it should be. Again, this just makes your smile look embarrassing.

But where do these gummy smiles come from? It’s usually just something you are born with. Some people are born with extra gum tissue or an upper lip that pulls up too far when they smile. Thankfully, you can call our Birmingham dentist to schedule gum reshaping that can help with these problems.

How Gum Reshaping Works?

Dr. Newingham has helped many people get a balanced smile with gum reshaping. But how does it work?
Gum reshaping starts with a thorough dental exam, including some pictures of your current smile. Our team uses these photos to explain how things will look after the treatment is over so you have a good idea of what your smile will look like. This also helps our dentists plan where to reshape your gums.

The procedure itself begins with applying a local anesthetic to numb your gums. This allows you to be completely comfortable during the treatment. Then our Birmingham dentist uses his advanced training and specialized tools to gently remove excess gum tissue along your gumline. (In rare cases where the gums are very big, we have a local specialist that we partner with to assist in in the process.)

It normally takes a few days for your gums to heal up, but then you’ll have the attractive, balanced smile that you deserve.

Gum Reshaping Benefits

Gum reshaping gives a very obvious benefit: a balanced smile. But here are a few other benefits you might not have thought about.

When you have a gummy smile, it’s easy to feel embarrassed about your smile. That’s especially true when meeting people for the first time. Having a gummy smile like that can make you lose some confidence and self-esteem.

Call Dr. Newingham today at 248-972-8720 to get gum reshaping. Once your smile looks balanced, you can improve your confidence and self-esteem by knowing your smile looks that much better.

Along the same lines, people expect to see a straight gumline when you smile at them. So when they see one that’s crooked and uneven, you can be worried about what they might think about it.

By calling our Birmingham, MI dental office today, you can schedule an appointment for gum reshaping. This can be done selectively to make your gumline look straight and even like you want it to look.

A gummy smile can mean too much of your teeth are covered by gums. Since more of the teeth are covered, they can look oddly small. In reality, your teeth are likely the right size — it’s just that they look small thanks to that gummy smile.

Gum reshaping from Dr. Newingham can correct for that. By removing the gum tissue you don’t need, more of your teeth will show when you smile. This can make small teeth look a lot bigger — and make your smile look much better.

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