Bridges are built to help people get where they want to go … and to get back where they came from.

In their own way, dental bridges do that, too. They help people who have lost teeth get to a place where they can smile and eat like they could before their teeth went missing.

At Newingham Dental Center, we’ve watched people’s smiles return when they get their new dental implant bridges.

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Opening Up Some Problems

People lose teeth for a lot of reasons.

Sometimes it’s the result of untreated cavities. This can lead to infections, which may require extracting teeth.

Sometimes accidents happen. It only takes a moment of inattention to walk into a doorway or a post, or for someone else to walk or run into you. This could cause teeth to get knocked out.

Sometimes people get gum disease. Believe it or not, this is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. (So quick reminder, keep or start flossing!)

Regardless of the reason for that gap in your smile, it can have a big impact on your daily experience. We’ve noticed many patients become self-conscious about the change in their smile. This makes them feel compelled to hide their teeth whenever they speak, or they may choose to speak as little as possible.

Losing few a couple teeth can affect your diet as well. The teeth you are missing can make it difficult or nearly impossible to bite and chew certain foods. This can affect your health as well since it can change the nutrients you get each day.

Meanwhile, below the surface of your gums, your jaw may be slowly shrinking. This is a direct result of not having the roots of your missing teeth to stimulate new bone growth. A shrinking jaw can alter your appearance, and it could put you at risk of losing more teeth.

Closing the Gap

By getting dental implants and a dental bridge, you can solve all the problems mentioned above.

The bridge will fill the empty space in your smile. This can help you feel more relaxed in social and professional situations, instead of worried that someone might judge you based on the empty space in your smile.

With implants to secure your bridge, you can feel confident eating anything that your heart (or stomach) desires. Implants can restore nearly all of your original biting power.

And since implants replace the roots of your missing teeth, they can prevent the kind of bone loss that can put more teeth at risk.

Build Your Bridge

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It’s time to set up an appointment at Newingham Dental Center to find out what a bridge can do for you.