If you are like us, you are looking forward to the holiday season — including a number of seasonal treats.

With all the cookies, cakes, and other sweets that will be around your home and your workplace, there’s a lot of temptation. That comes with an increased risk of tooth decay.

Now, we aren’t saying you have to avoid every candy cane you see. Just be careful not to go overboard as you celebrate what many singers have told us is the most wonderful time of the year.

With that in mind, our team at Newingham Dental Center is sharing a few tips for staying cavity-free during the holidays. That includes visiting our Birmingham, MI family dental office for a cleaning and exam. Call 248-972-8720 today to make your appointment.

When You Eat Does Matter

Specifically, we’re talking about when you decide to have a Christmas cookie (or two), a piece of pie, or some kind of candy.

The best time to eat these things is right after you’ve eaten a meal. First, you’ll already be somewhat full, which will help you avoid overdoing it on the sweets. Second, you will already be producing saliva, which will help remove the sugary food particles faster.

A common concern with sweet foods is that they can be sticky. That means they can cling to teeth, which is great for the bacteria that cause cavities but not so great for your smile. (We can give you a tooth-colored dental filling should you need one, however.

Drink Responsibly

For anyone who is old enough and enjoys an adult beverage from time to time, this important all year. During the holidays, however, some cocktails can ramp up the sugar along with the alcohol. That’s a bad combination for your teeth.

Alcohol alone can cause your mouth to dry out. That’s been proven to increase your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. When you add something sweet to the mix (e.g. eggnog), you are only feeding the harmful bacteria we mentioned earlier.

Careful with the Hard Stuff

In this case, we’re talking about hard candies, which are frequently put out for snacking at this time of year. We’ve had to treat many patients over the years who suffered broken, cracked, and chipped teeth after biting down on one of these tough treats.

While we are more than capable of making a dental crown for you, if needed, but we think you would probably prefer to keep your teeth unharmed.

Make Healthy Choices

We know we sound like parents, but the same advice you give your kids is good for you, too.

That means eating a variety of foods when you attend holiday gatherings. When you put together your plate, include some protein and some vegetables alongside the mac-and-cheese, mashed potatoes, and stuffing.

Keep Smiling

More than anything, we hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season. Then, we hope you will visit our team at Newingham Dental Center for your next dental checkup.

Call 248-972-8720 or contact us online to request your next appointment.