We’ve talked a little bit about preventive care for this spring’s sporting season here on our blog, but today, it’s time to talk about reactive dentistry.

For most of dentistry’s history, the focus has been extremely limited, dealing with problems only after they had become problems. It used to go like this: Patient notices there is a pain in their mouth, patient sees their Birmingham dentist, patient gets treatment. It’s a standard model that dominated how dentist’s and patients alike approached the fundamental issue of treatment.

Yet in recent history, the focus has shifted to prevention. The consequences (and the cost of treatment) are significantly worse if you’re dealing with the aftermath of a crisis, rather than taking steps to prevent such a crisis in the first place. This is the new cornerstone of dentistry, and as much as I’d like to treat you all the time, it helps keep you out of my office so you can live your life free from dental pain.

Sometimes, though, no amount of prevention can keep a disastrous oral injury from happening. You’ll need a dentist like me to help you deal with the aftermath, and help to restore your smile to a place of beauty and security.

Restorative Dentistry Can Help

I make myself available to any of my patients who are in desperate need of help in a dental emergency. We can see you on the same day with just a little advance notice, and we’ll move Heaven and Earth to get you the critical treatment that can’t wait.

Once I have stabilized the damage in your mouth, a healing process will be necessary. But before you go, we will discuss the necessary next steps that will restore the lost elements of a smile ravaged by oral injury.
Yet you don’t have to have sustained an injury on the field to benefit from a wisely chosen restorative dentistry procedure. There’s a lot of different thing that can go wrong with your smile, including illness and infection, which can compromise its integrity.

There are a number of different treatments that can transform your smile, and in order to figure out which one of them is right for you, I’ll have to perform a dental exam. This way, I can tailor the right treatment for your needs.
Let’s take a quick tour of the different kinds of services I can offer you:

  • CEREC Same-day Crowns – If you’ve suffered a fractured tooth, or if your tooth has been severely worn down, then you could be a good candidate for a dental crown or bridge. Thanks to a device known as a CEREC machine, I can craft your new tooth in the same day of your appointment, making it perfect for emergencies that can’t wait.
  • Tooth-colored Fillings – If you’ve suffered from cavities, or have just undergone a painless root canal treatment, then you need your tooth filled ASAP. I use a natural-looking composite that is indistinguishable from your natural tooth coloration
  • Dental Implants – In the case of a missing tooth (or even multiple missing teeth), I can install a sturdy, bio-safe titanium alloy dental implant which form the basis for your new crown, bridge, or even dentures. Their versatility is matched only by the strength!

By matching the correct treatment to the issue affecting your smile, you can regain any element of your smile which has been lost due to injury or illness. It’s a level of personalization in treatment that will deliver only the results that you want, by using the procedures that are most appropriate and comfortable for you and no one else.

The Right To Make Your Appointment … Is Now
As I mentioned earlier, you or your loved one will be my number one priority if you are dealing with a dental emergency.

But I cannot help you if you fail to reach out to me and at the very least secure an appointment to establish a record of your smile or the smile of a member of your family so as to increase the speed and accuracy of any future treatment, especially emergencies. My team and I will be able to hit the ground running thanks to your preventive action.

To secure your appointment, please call me at 248-972-8720 any day of the week, especially if it is an emergency. You may also request your appointment with us online; just fill out this easy web form and we will get right back with you.