Greetings, from Newingham Dental Center! We hope you’re enjoying the month of November and looking forward to the busy holiday season ahead.

Our team is spending the blog helping you get ready to face a string of parties and other festive events with a gorgeous smile thanks to cosmetic dentistry in our Birmingham, MI dental office!

This Is A Great Time For A Flawless Smile!

With the holiday season almost upon us, you’ll likely be spending the next several weeks rubbing elbows with family, friends old and new, and colleagues at various special events.

If you’re anxious about letting people see the unsightly problems with your teeth, this kind of busy social season will be met with dread rather than excitement. That’s where cosmetic dentistry can help you get ready:

-You’ll look better!
-You’ll feel relaxed and confident!
-Your teeth will be stronger with certain treatments.
-You’ll have an easier time making good first impressions when meeting new people.

So which cosmetic dentistry option is right for your smile? Today, we’re looking at tooth bonding and dental veneers so you can get one step closer to a more attractive, confident smile!

Tooth Bonding Or Dental Veneers?

Bonding and veneers are both incredibly effective in giving your smile a new and improved look. Either treatment can also give you the boost in confidence you’ve been lacking because of flaws and imperfections with your smile.

Like any tough decision, it helps to look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of your potential choices. So let’s take a look at each treatment and see if it helps you decide which you prefer!

The Benefits & Drawback Of Veneers

You may have heard veneers being compared to acrylic for your nails. Dental veneers work much the same way in that they’re protective thin shells that cover your teeth’s imperfections and are artfully shaped and polished to look like your natural teeth.

Veneers are an incredibly versatile cosmetic dental treatment. Here are some of the benefits:

-They can fill gaps between your teeth.
-They’re like instant orthodontics, straightening crooked teeth.
-They look very natural because the porcelain resembles real tooth enamel.
-They can last up to 20 years or more with proper care.

But like anything else, veneers aren’t perfect and do pose some drawbacks. For one thing, the veneers process can’t be undone. You can’t wear them for a year and decide you’re not happy with them and just have them removed. This is because to prepare your teeth for veneers, your dentist has to remove some of your enamel so the veneers will fit naturally and comfortably.

Dental veneers are porcelain covers for the front of your teeth. Each is custom made to fit your teeth exactly. Once placed, they cover over any stains, chips, or cracks. They also add a layer of protection to your teeth.
Veneers also take a bit longer than the bonding process because they have to be sent to a lab to be completed.
The Benefits & Drawbacks Of Bonding

Using a composite material, Dr. Newingham can fill and smooth out the imperfections on the surface of your teeth. Then, he will carefully contour and polish the resin so that your bite alignment is perfectly and comfortably in place.

We’re also able to match the composite resin to your surrounding teeth so everything matches beautifully when the process is complete. Overall, bonding is a great way to improve the color, shape, and surface of your teeth for a lovey smile.

Here are a few of the benefits of tooth bonding:

-It’s an affordable cosmetic option.
-It can often be done in as little as one visit.

But there are some limitations with dental bonding. The composite material used in the bonding process will pick up stains over time, so you would need to have it redone eventually to maintain the whiteness level of your teeth.

While tooth bonding does strengthen your teeth, it’s not as durable an option as veneers are, for example.

Schedule Your Consultation TODAY!

To really know for sure which cosmetic dental treatment is best for your situation, you need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Newingham at Newingham Dental Center. There, you’ll get a chance to talk to us about the problems you have with your smile and what you’d like it to look like.

Tooth bonding is great for tiny dents and dings, and even stubborn stains. But dental veneers are able to hide more significant damage, resist staining and discoloration, and last quite a bit longer. So it’s a matter of preference, your oral health, and your ultimate smile goals.

Dr. Newingham is a highly-trained, experienced dentist who can help give you the smile that’s going to make you look and feel your best, regardless. And that’s something you’ll appreciate when the holiday party season really kicks into high gear!

Find out which of our cosmetic dentistry options is your smile solution this season! Call us at 248-972-8720 or contact us online today!