The lakes might still be cold, but the air is warmer and the days are longer. That means summer is right around the corner. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself at reunions, barbecues, vacations and more. That means lots of people, some you never see except during these summer activities, will be seeing your smile.

That’s why you need to call our Birmingham, MI dental office today at 248-972-8720 to make an appointment for cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Newingham is both well trained and experienced in using cosmetic dentistry treatments to improve your smile in time for summer events.

Summer Needs A Beautiful Smile

Summer is often the time for parties and memories. While it’s typical to gather with family around the winter holidays, there’s just something about summer that brings people together. That means you need a great-looking smile to feel more confident and comfortable getting together with all those friends and family.
Here are a few specific summer events where you’ll want an attractive smile:

  • Weddings: So many people schedule their wedding in the summer months. Even if you’re not in the wedding party, how do you want your smile to look to the other wedding guests?
  • Reunions: Class and family reunions often take place during the summer. When seeing those people you never see outside of these reunions, what kind of impression do you want your smile to make?
  • Vacations: Summer is a time for traveling and playing tourist, even if it’s just a staycation. That means plenty of photographs and videos. When looking back at these memories years later, what kind of smile do you want everyone to see?
  • Holiday parties: Holidays in the summer like 4th of July mean backyard barbecues, picnics, parties at the lake house, and more. How do you want your smile to look when spending time with friends at these parties?

Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

By calling Newingham Dental Center today at 248-972-8720, you can schedule cosmetic dentistry treatments before these summer events get going. Here are some of the treatments you can get to make your smile look amazing this summer.


Your gums play a small but important role in your smile. So when you show too much of your gums, your teeth and smile look odd. You can also have the opposite problem where your gumline is too high and your teeth look strangely big.

That’s why you need to call our Birmingham, MI dental office for gum reshaping. Dr. Newingham can gently remove or add gum tissue as needed to give your smile an attractive balance between teeth and gums.


Over time, your teeth can collect damage like chips and cracks. Even if these don’t hurt you or aren’t a danger to your teeth, they look bad. What you need are dental veneers. These are tooth-shaped shells that are bonded to the front of your visible teeth. Veneers cover damage and stains, instantly giving your smile a healthy, beautiful look.


Tooth bonding is similar to dental veneers, but instead of using tooth-shaped shells, it uses a tooth-colored resin. This is a thick substance that’s thinly layered onto your teeth. Tooth bonding will fill in chips and cracks. When dried, it will also look and feel like bright, healthy enamel.


Stains can make even the healthiest smile look bad. Years of dark food and drink (like coffee, tea, wine, tomato sauce, and more) will slowly but surely turn your pearly whites into ones that are dull and brownish. But with professional-strength teeth whitening, you can lift those dark stains and get back your bright smile.


Silvery metal fillings still work. They repair damage caused by tooth decay and prevent needing a root canal or tooth removal. But they don’t exactly look normal in your smile. Thankfully, there is an alternative. Dr.

Newingham can replace your old, metal fillings with tooth-colored ones. These work just as well, but they blend in with your smile.

Call us TODAY at 248-972-8720 or use our convenient online form to get cosmetic dentistry treatments before summer gets too far along. That way, you’ll walk into those reunions, vacations, and parties feeling confident and secure.