There are times when it makes sense to ignore a painful problem. If you skin your knee or stub your toe, there’s really not much to do but give it time to rest. It will fix itself.

But when you’re teeth are the painful problem, that’s a bad idea. First, the pain can stick around and even get worse over time. But more importantly, a damaged tooth can be at risk for having to be removed.

Call our Birmingham, MI dental office today at 248-972-8720 and make your appointment for dental crowns. These restorative dentistry treatments will cover, seal, and protect your damaged teeth, finally solving that problem. Dr. Newingham has training from the Kois Center and Spears Education, two exclusive dental training centers. This means he has advanced training to help your dental crown procedure go smoothly.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is also called a cap. It’s shaped and colored to look like a healthy version of your damaged tooth, but it’s hollow. Dr. Newingham will expertly place it over your damaged tooth. This adds a layer of protection to that tooth, but at the same time, it makes the tooth look healthy and attractive again.

Dr. Newingham has done many dental crown procedures over the years. Once your tooth is cleaned and the area numbed with local anesthetic, you’ll have a thin layer of enamel removed from the tooth. This is so the dental crown going over it will look flush with your other teeth. Then the crown is bonded in place, and you’re done. Instead of a damaged, unsightly tooth, you’ll have a strong, beautiful one.

So Many Benefits From Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are probably the most versatile piece of restorative dentistry available. Here are some of the most powerful benefits from getting dental crowns.

– Hide irregular shapes due to genetics or worn teeth

Although your enamel is durable, it can get worn down over the years. That’s because you keep mashing your teeth together when you chew your food. The biting edges and surface of your teeth can start to wear down and get weak. You can also have irregular shapes just because of genetics; an adult tooth just has a crooked edge or something similar.

Both problems can be solved by a dental crown. Because it covers the entire visible part of your irregular tooth, it will hide worn or crooked edges. Instead, your tooth will look healthy and normal.

– Protect a tooth weakened by tooth decay or grinding

Your teeth can get weak over time. The biggest way for that to happen is through tooth decay (or cavities). As the enamel decays, the structure of the tooth is weakened. That makes it more like to crack, chip, or even break where those cavities are found. But you can also weaken a tooth through bruxism or grinding your teeth unconsciously.

Dental crowns add a layer of protection to teeth weakened by tooth decay or grinding. This helps prevent your tooth from getting more damage. In fact, some cavities are too big and a filling won’t stay put. That’s when you can get a dental crown instead.

– Repair a tooth damaged by an accident or injury.

Another way for your enamel to get chipped or cracked is an accident. Having a bad fall or bike accident can leave you with damaged teeth. The same is true with sports injuries. Taking a puck or foul ball to the face can crack or chip a tooth.

Thankfully, you can call Newingham Dental Center when this happens and make an appointment for a dental crown. Such damaged teeth are in danger of getting worse over time. Because dental crowns will seal up that damage, they repair the tooth and make it strong again.

– Replace a missing tooth

There are times when the damage being caused is bad enough to make a tooth come out. If you’ve ever seen a hockey player with a gap in their smile, that’s what happened. Then there are cases when a tooth has to be removed because it would be unhealthy to keep it.

Believe it or not, dental crowns can even replace missing teeth. Dental bridges and dental implants are two different restorative dentistry treatments, but they both use dental crowns as the natural-looking but durable replacement tooth.

Call us TODAY at 248-972-8720 or use our convenient online form to make your appointment for a dental crown. Given his expert training, Dr. Newingham knows how to use dental crown procedures safely and effectively. Soon, your damaged smile can be strong and beautiful like it once was.