Are you ready for a new you? Don’t get gym memberships you don’t have time to use. Call us today at 248-972-8720 and schedule an appointment for cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Newingham has been using cosmetic dentistry for years to help people have smiles they love. With advanced training from the Kois Center and Spears Education, he can help you start your new year with a new smile.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Gives You A New Smile

Your teeth can collect damage, stains, and more over time. You may have started out with white, straight, healthy-looking teeth. Add in years of chewing, drinking coffee, and all that life throws at you, and it’s not hard to imagine why your teeth don’t look like they used to.

That’s why you need to call our Birmingham, MI dental office today for cosmetic dentistry. Having an unsightly smile is embarrassing and can sap your self-esteem. By getting cosmetic dentistry from a dentist as well-trained as Dr. Newingham, you can feel more confident and happy about your smile than ever before.
Here’s what cosmetic dentistry from the Newingham Dental Center can do for you.

Restore your smile with dental veneers

You could have chips, cracks, and stains making your smile look worse than it should. For a fast but thorough treatment, call us today and ask for dental veneers. These thin shells are made to look like healthy, white teeth. Dr. Newingham carefully bonds them to the front of your teeth.

Call our Birmingham, MI dental office today for dental veneers. Once placed, dental veneers hide all the cosmetic imperfections and problems with your teeth. Plus, they add a layer of protection to help your teeth avoid future damage.
Brighten your smile with teeth whitening

If you’ve been eating and drinking something dark like tomato sauce, coffee, or tea, you’ve been leaving behind tiny stains on your enamel. As the years went by, those stains built up. That’s why your smile is no longer white.

Thankfully, you can call us today at 248-972-8720 and make an appointment for teeth whitening. Dr. Lambert is training in using Zoom WhiteSpeed, a professional-strength teeth whitening system only available through a dentist. You can get your teeth white in our office or use our take-home trays.

Straighten crooked teeth with Invisalign

Even if you had some orthodontic work done when you were younger, your teeth today can be crooked. That’s because your teeth are never locked in place. Even just a few crooked teeth can make your whole smile look misaligned.

By calling us today, you can schedule an appointment to start with Invisalign. These “invisible braces” are really clear plastic aligners. They rest comfortably over your teeth and gently guide your teeth to where they belong.

Replace unsightly metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings

Metal fillings are mostly outdated technology. They might have some uses, but they stand out in an otherwise great smile. Plus, dental fillings of any type are not designed to last forever.

That’s why you should call our Birmingham, MI dental office today and schedule an appointment for tooth-colored fillings. These are just as strong and durable as metal amalgam ones, but they blend in with your smile.

Smooth out imperfections with tooth bonding and tooth contouring

Even small problems can make a smile look unusual. Irregular or worn edges, small chips, craters, and more stand out when your other teeth look good. Thankfully, there are two ways to treat these problems.

Tooth contouring removes small amounts of enamel to smooth out rough spots. Tooth bonding applies a layer or tooth-colored resin to fill in those imperfections. Dr. Lambert is well-trained and experienced in both. With either cosmetic dentistry treatment, those small problems can go away.

Move your gumline with gum reshaping

Cosmetic problems aren’t just found with your teeth. Your gums are a small but important part of your smile. If the gumline is too close to your teeth, they can look oddly small. They can also look oddly long if your gumline is too far away.

Call Dr. Lambert today and make an appointment to reshape your gums. He can remove excess gum tissue so your teeth look longer. If your gums receded from your teeth, we will work with a specialist to balance your smile.

Call us TODAY at 248-972-8720 or use our convenient online form to make an appointment for cosmetic dentistry. A new year is the time for new beginnings, new plans, and new ideas. This year, you can include a new smile.