When it comes to having crooked teeth, a lot of people think of teenagers. That’s because so many get braces around that age, and because adult teeth rarely come in straight. However, it’s not hard to be an adult with crooked teeth. This makes your smile look bad, but braces can just make you look young in a bad way.

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Why Adults Can Have Crooked Teeth

There are three main reasons why adults can find themselves needing orthodontic treatments: injuries, never had braces, and moving teeth.


When you’re young, your teeth are usually crooked because the adult teeth came in that way. But for adults, one big reason for crooked teeth is an injury or accident. Get hit in the face with a puck or baseball, and your teeth can be knocked out of alignment.


Not everyone gets braces as a teen. That’s because orthodontic treatments like braces can be too expensive for some families. Others might not need orthodontics at that age — the teeth came in close enough to being straight — but now need them.


Even if you had orthodontics when you were young, you can still have crooked teeth by now. That’s because your teeth are never locked in place. Think about it. You’re putting incredible amounts of pressure on your teeth whenever you chew. Do this for decades and it’s not a surprise to see that your teeth could be out of position by now.

Invisalign Is Great For You

When you call our Birmingham, MI dental office today, you can get orthodontic treatment that does not include any metal brackets or wires. Invisalign clear aligners is a modern treatment that uses clear plastic trays similar to thin mouthguards. But the Invisalign results are comparable to braces. In other words, you get straight teeth without metal. Here are some other benefits of getting Invisalign as an adult.

1. Invisalign looks normal on your smile.

Because people associate braces with teens, adults with braces just look odd. It certainly does not make you look younger, at least not in a way you want. Thankfully, Invisalign is made from smooth, clear plastic. When worn over your teeth, they not only gently guide your teeth to where they should. Invisalign is practically invisible when worn. That way, you’ll look normal while getting orthodontic treatment.

2. Invisalign doesn’t stain your teeth.

To keep those metal brackets on your teeth, braces use cement. Cementing brackets to your teeth works, but there’s always a chance it will stain your teeth. After all, you’ll be wearing metal braces for years. But with Invisalign, there’s nothing stuck to your teeth so there’s nothing that can stain them.

3. Invisalign is done much sooner.

All orthodontics has to be done slowly. Otherwise, you’d risk damaging your teeth. But traditional braces are very slow. They normally take up to three years before they are finished. Invisalign can be complete in six months to a year. Of course, your specific dental needs can make that a bit longer, but Invisalign results will be complete in much less time.

4. Invisalign doesn’t force big changes to your life.

When you have metal braces, you have to make some changes. You can’t eat certain foods, you can’t chew gum, and you have to be careful when active because getting hit in the face could be a huge problem. None of that is true with Invisalign because you can take the clear trays out whenever you want. This helps you keep the lifestyle you’re used to.

5. Invisalign is comfortable in your mouth.

All that metal and wire with traditional braces can be uncomfortable. You can even catch the inside of your lip and cheek on the metal and cut yourself. Invisalign clear aligners are made from smooth plastic. There’s nothing to catch on, and they will feel more comfortable on your teeth.

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