Are you embarrassed about your smile? Are your teeth chipped, crooked, or stained? Then call the Newingham Dental Center today to get dental veneers. Dr. Newingham is well trained and has the experience necessary to place your dental veneers just right.

Why You Need Our Dental Veneers

You deserve a smile that looks great. That means your smile should have teeth that are:

  • Close together
  • White
  • Straight
  • Healthy-looking

When you have a smile full of misaligned, damaged, and stained teeth, you can easily be embarrassed about it. You might be worried about showing that smile to others. Your self-esteem can even be lower. That’s why you need to call us TODAY for an appointment for cosmetic dentsitry. Your smile won’t get any better until Dr. Newingham can place dental veneers on your teeth.

Here’s what our dental veneers can do for your teeth.

Specific Ways Dental Veneers Improve Your Smile

Your smile will look more aligned by hiding small gaps between teeth.

People prefer a smile where the teeth are close together. That’s why so many people get orthodontics when they’re younger. If you did, your teeth might have moved apart a bit by now. Your teeth never stop moving, so it’s easy to have small but very noticeable gaps between your teeth. These can make an otherwise great smile look bad.

By calling our Birmingham, MI dental office today, you can get an appointment to fix those gaps with dental veneers. Dr. Newingham can make sure your veneers are slightly bigger in spots. This means your dental veneers can cover those gaps, making your smile look like you had orthodontic work again — but without the braces.

Your teeth will look bright by covering up stains with a healthy, white look.

As the years go by, you can eat and drink all kinds of stuff that can stain your teeth. Coffee, tomato sauce, and tobacco are the biggest culprits, but given enough time, anything dark can stain your teeth. When you smile, people will see dark, dingy, or yellow teeth. No one likes to see that.

Call us today at 248-972-8720 to brighten your teeth with dental veneers. Our dental office makes sure they are made to look like white, healthy version of your teeth. Once Dr. Newingham places your dental veneers, all of those stains are covered up.

Your smile will look even and aligned by making crooked teeth look straight.

Orthodontics does more than just close gaps. It can help your teeth look straight and aligned. It can even help your bite work properly. Over time, it’s common for a tooth or two to move around a bit. You could have a few teeth that are crooked. When the rest of your smile is good, those teeth tend to stick out more.

That’s why you should call us today. Don’t live with crooked teeth when dental veneers can help. By placing the veneers straight on crooked teeth, Dr. Newingham can make those teeth look straight. That’s much better than getting orthodontics again for a small problem.

Your teeth will look healthy and strong by covering up (and sealing up) damaged spots.

Not all damage to your teeth hurts you. You could have chips or cracks without knowing it — if they didn’t ruin how your smile looks, that is. Besides being an eyesore, such damage weakens your teeth. Cracks can even grow larger over time.

Call us today to make an appointment with Dr. Newingham for cosmetic dentistry. He knows how dental veneers pull double duty here. They cover up damage to make your teeth look undamaged and beautiful. Veneers also seal up damage, preventing it from getting worse.

Your teeth will look right by covering worn edges with straight ones.

It’s not uncommon to be born with irregular teeth, especially around the edges. You can also wear down your teeth simply by chewing over and over again. This can make an otherwise healthy tooth look damaged and unattractive.

When you call us today, you can schedule an appointment so dental veneers can help. We can make sure your veneers are made with straight edges that are a little bigger than the tooth. Dr. Newingham has the expertise necessary to place your dental veneers so the straight edge covers the worn one. Your worn teeth will look solid and healthy.

Call our Birmingham, MI dental office TODAY at 248-972-8720. The sooner you call, the quicker you can get dental veneers. You can cover up stains, damage, gaps, and more so your smile looks undamaged and strong. Dr. Newingham knows how a great smile can improve your self-esteem and confidence. By getting our dental veneers, your smile will soon be the envy of everyone.