When you are missing a tooth, your smile doesn’t look nearly as good as it could. And until you do something about it, your smile can start to suffer. Your teeth can get crooked, and you can hurt your gums with what you eat.

Thankfully, you can get a dental bridge to replace that tooth. Call our Birmingham, MI dental office today at 248-972-8720 to schedule your next appointment for this nonsurgical dental restoration. Dr. Newingham is trained in using CEREC technology to offer same-day dental bridges to you. This way, you can quickly enjoy having all your teeth again.

Why A Gap In Your Smile Is Bad News

It’s pretty typical to wait and see if a problem goes away on its own. However, that’s simply not going to happen when you’ve lost a tooth. No matter how it was lost, it’s not coming back. That means you’ll continue to suffer from problems like these:

  • You know your smile doesn’t look good, so you can have less confidence, especially when meeting new people.
  • You can have difficulty chewing and eating some foods.
  • You could hurt the gums in that gap if you chew something hard (like a chip) and it hits right there.
  • Food particles can get stuck in that space, increasing your chance of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Without the support from that tooth, your others will grow crooked as they slide towards the empty spot.

Dental Bridges To The Rescue

As you can see, a replacement tooth for the one you lost will come in handy. That’s exactly what a dental bridge will do. This dental restoration will put a beautiful, strong replacement tooth in that gap.
Here’s how a dental bridge procedure usually works:

  • Dr. Newingham will take careful measurements for the replacement.
  • Using our high-tech CEREC machine, you get three dental crowns made.
  • Two are put on the teeth on either side of the gap.
  • The third is your replacement tooth, and it’s bonded to the two crowns. This holds is firmly in place.

And that’s it! You come in with a gap-toothed smile, and you walk out with a complete one.

How Your Life Improves With A Dental Bridge

Here are some of the concrete benefits you get once you have a dental bridge from Newingham Dental Center.

– Dental bridges are more affordable.

There is another way to replace a lost tooth. It’s called a dental implant. However, you will need oral surgery to get this dental restoration in place. That can drive up the price. But with a dental bridge, there is no surgery. That means getting a replacement tooth with a dental bridge is easier on your wallet.

– Dental bridges can be done the same day you come into our Birmingham, MI dental office.

Some dental offices need to send measurements for your replacement tooth to a lab. There, they make the dental crowns used in a dental bridge. But at Newingham Dental Center, you’ll find a CEREC machine. This technological marvel creates your dental crowns literally the same day as your appointment.

This means you can walk into our Birmingham, MI dental office with an empty spot in your smile, then walk out with a dental bridge already in place.

– Dental bridges improve your confidence and self-esteem.

It’s sometimes hard to feel good about yourself when you have this big dark space in your smile. You can worry about what other people will think, but you can also just not like looking at it yourself. That can make you self-conscious about how you look.

Thankfully, a dental bridge from Dr. Newingham will help with that. The replacement tooth will look amazing, and it will fit right in with your other teeth. It will be hard to even tell if you have a dental restoration in place.

Call us TODAY at 248-972-8720 or use our convenient online form to schedule your next appointment to get a dental bridge. After all, the problems with having a gap in your smile won’t go away on their own.