Receive A Stronger, Healthier Smile With Dental Implant Crowns & Bridges

If you have recently had a tooth removed or have a gap in your smile, Newingham Dental Center’s dental implant crowns and bridges are excellent options to replace missing teeth and restore your smile.

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Dr. Newingham is an expert at dental implant restorations, and he can provide you with a natural-looking dental implant crown or bridge that will:

  • Boost your confidence
  • Allow you to chew more comfortably
  • Promote better overall oral health

We offer free consultations at our Birmingham, MI dentist office, so call 248-972-8720 to discuss how beneficial implant crowns and bridges can be for you!

Improving & Protecting Your Smile With Dental Implant Crowns & Bridges

Many people do not realize that missing a tooth for a long period of time can actually lead to negative health effects for your other teeth and your mouth.

For example, the bone in your jaw requires regular stimulation from your teeth, and if you are missing teeth, the bone will slowly deteriorate and recede. In addition, your other teeth may start to move if you do not replace the gaps in your teeth.

Dental implant crowns and bridges function just like natural teeth, which means they improve:

  • Your Appearance – Your replacement teeth will perfectly match your natural teeth so you can happily share your smile again.
  • Your Speech – With a fully restored smile, you’ll be able to speak clearly again.
  • Your Health – A dental implant will also provide healthy stimulation to your jawbone, as well as allow you to chew harder and/or nutritious foods, such as apples and nuts.

Receiving Your Dental Implant Crown Or Bridge

Dr. Newingham and our staff have years of experience preparing dental implant crowns for our patients. The implant itself, a replacement tooth root that attaches to your jawbone, is placed by an oral surgeon.

Here’s how we use dental implants to restore your smile:

  • We refer you to a highly trusted nearby surgeon who attaches the dental implants
  • We take an impression of your teeth to make sure that the new dental crown or bridge will fit perfectly in your mouth
  • We pay extremely close attention to the color of your surrounding teeth, so that your crown will completely blend in and will be indistinguishable from your real teeth
  • Your crown or bridge is created in one day using our CEREC machine, presented for your approval, and placed on the implant

With our collaborative surgeon’s highly skilled placement and our commitment to perfect restorations, your dental implant crowns or bridges will restore your smile to its natural and stunning beauty.

We also provide implant-retained dentures if you are missing many or all of your teeth. These are guaranteed not to slip out of place and provide a dependably strong bite.

Come In For Your Free Dental Implant Crown & Bridge Consultation!

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