Treat Yourself to a Complete Smile Makeover in Birmingham, MI

Are there features of your smile that make you feel self-conscious or embarrassed? Do you suffer from yellowed, misaligned, cracked, or damaged teeth? No matter what features you are trying to change, Newingham Dental Center can provide you with solutions in Birmingham, MI that will give you the smile you want and need with Smile Makeover. We love helping our clients get the smile of their dreams, and we will give you the expert dental care and treatment to get you there.

Customized Treatments Plans for Every Patient

Every smile is different, and so is every patient. When beginning a smile makeover, we will always make sure that we completely understand the features of your smile and what exactly you are trying to change. We will begin by examining your smile, as well as taking pictures and X-rays. Dr. Newingham will spend time talking with you about the things that we would like to improve, but more importantly will ask you about what it is that you want changed or corrected.

Sometimes people come to us and they’re asking for a smile makeover. Maybe we need to figure out why they’re having the problems that they’re having before we can start jumping right into the smile makeover. We will do a thorough evaluation, a thorough exam when they arrive. We will take pictures, intraoral pictures, photographs of them of their smile close up, and we will analyze what they don’t like about their smile and give them options to fix it. Really a smile makeover is for anyone. Sometimes people have been living with their teeth for so long they don’t even think about how it looks. There’s significant research out there that would suggest that most everyone could benefit from a smile makeover.
Now by a smile makeover I mean it might be one tooth, it might be two teeth, it might be straightening the teeth, it might be polishing the teeth, it might be whitening or it might be veneers or whatever it may be, we’ll try to incorporate the most conservative approach for that patient. There’s research out there that suggest that if you’re going for job interviews or if you’re looking to meet someone and dive into a relationship, that people with a great smile they land more jobs, they’re in better relationships. It increases a person’s confidence, and when you feel as though you’re confident enough to smile it makes you happier. We see people that come in looking for that change and once we give them that change to see their personality change right before your eyes is one of the most rewarding things that we do here.

This is your smile, and we will create an individualized plan to meet your needs and desires. To help you create this plan, we can show you before and after pictures of our other clients as well as simulations of your own smile, so that you can make informed decisions about what treatments and procedures you prefer. Many of our patients also enjoy looking at celebrity smiles to choose features they would like to see in their own smile.

Honest Consultation and Guidance

With all of our clients, we strive to give them the most honest and helpful care. When working with you on your treatment plan, we will do our best to minimize costs and invasive treatments for your benefit. If we believe that a less expensive treatment can provide the same results as a more expensive one, we will steer you to the one that will make a smaller dent in your bank account.

Think the number one thing for me is the quality of the service. I’ve had several different dentists in my 60 years and Dr. Newingham is just the best. He wants things to be right. Since I’m somewhat of a perfectionist myself, that’s important to me. I needed three front crowns due to accidents that I had as a teenager. I had had crowns but it was time for a change. With the new whitening, I decided to do that and then I needed new crowns anyway, so he did that, the Zoom. The whitening procedure really dramatically made a difference. That was a dramatic improvement. Your front teeth, how important are those? I love looking in the mirror now. That’s what I like. I like seeing a brighter smile.

For example, teeth whitening and teeth contouring can sometimes provide the same benefits as veneers. That being said, if you are looking for the highest quality treatments, we will provide you with the best luxury dental cosmetic services available in Birmingham, MI. From start to finish, the treatment and final result are completely up to you.

Most patients choose the following treatments to get their perfect smile:

● porcelain or e.max veneers
● teeth whitening
● Invisalign
● gum reshaping
● dental bonding
● dental crowns or bridges
● implant crowns

Before you begin your smile makeover treatments, we’ll make sure your teeth are clean and free from any disease or decay. This will ensure the best, longest-lasting results and a healthy starting point.

Are you looking for a brand-new, gorgeous smile and a big boost in your confidence? Call our Birmingham, MI office at 248-972-8720 or schedule an appointment online.