Relieving Your Dental Anxiety with Safe Solutions in Birmingham, MI

At Newingham Dental Center, your comfort and pleasure are two of our highest priorities. However, we also understand that some people naturally feel uncomfortable when they visit the dentist. Many of our clients feel different levels of dental anxiety or nervousness, so we provide customized solutions in our Birmingham, MI dentist office to make sure that all of our patients are as comfortable as possible.

Working with You to Counter Anxiety

Because every person and their anxiety are different, we’ve found that it’s most effective to tailor our solutions to each person’s individual situation. If you feel any level of dental anxiety, we will talk with you about different solutions that may make you feel more comfortable.
One solution that has been very effective for our patients is working at the patient’s pace. This means that we will work slowly and deliberately during the procedure and tell you exactly what we will do before we do it. Some people feel anxiety because they can’t control or see what we are doing, so the slow pace and explanation helps them feel more comfortable. During this process, our Birmingham, MI dental team can give you a short break between different procedures, so that you can catch your breath and relax.

I’m the main dental assistant. I work with Dr. Newingham and the patients all the time. We have the latest stuff, and we’re all trained well on it. It’s the best stuff around to make it easiest for the patient. Like the new crowns, we do our crowns now with the [Seraph 00:00:17] machine so the patients are just here one time. They don’t have to come back and wear a temporary, so you get more time with the patient, too, because you’re not in their mouth the whole time with the crowns being made and everything. Conversation just gets going, and they forget that they’re actually getting work done. It’s pretty comfortable for them and for me. I get to know them because I love to talk, and I’m in their mouth, so I get to talk more.
Like yesterday, last night, our last patient was one that came in here, and this girl was scared to death. I mean crying in the chair. It took her a little bit of time, not too bad, just getting warmed up with us. Last night, she says, “You know, I don’t even get scared while coming here anymore, because we’re laughing all the time. To think that how I used to be crying before an appointment, and then now.” We just put in 2 implant teeth, she’s not had these teeth since 16. So she’s like, “How am I going to chew and not get jabbed with a Dorito or whatever?” She was pretty excited. It’s just when you see those patients that have come such a long way from being scared to death and just like family, just like, “Oh, yeah. Great to see you.” Just telling us about this trip she’s going on, and it’s really nice. That’s rewarding to me, and just seeing a patient change with comfort.

Giving you the time and space you need to feel comfortable is one of the hallmarks of the service we provide at our Birmingham, MI dental practice. We don’t mind scheduling longer appointments, and we will never try to squeeze you in or rush you through a procedure if you start to feel nervous.

Other Solutions to Dental Anxiety

I’ve just usually done check-ups here, except for two summers ago. I had an accident, and my left tooth, I chipped the bottom half off of it. Half of my nerve was showing still, so every time I would drink something cold or bit into something, it was pretty painful. He actually did the procedure, and then he said there was a fifty-fifty chance of the nerve not regenerating the right way, and about six months to a year later, I noticed my tooth started aching again, so we came in to him. He did an x-ray, and saw that the nerve was dying, so they had to cut it all out and shave it down. Ever since then, it’s been pain-free. Even with the root canal, it wasn’t really painful at all.
I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never been a big fan of the dentist, but here, the guys that work for him, the ladies that work for him, they just talk to you the whole time, asking you how your day is going. They ask you about your job, and then I mean, the next thing you know, you’re all done. You’re all out of here. Just the people that he’s hired that are around him actually really care. They want to work on your teeth, they want to do a good job.

If those solutions aren’t effective, we have other ways that can ease your anxiety. Each of our operatories has its own TV screen, and we can play a TV show or movie to relax you and get your mind off of the procedure. In some cases, we can even provide oral sedatives or inhaled sedation to our patients. These are completely safe options that will help you relax and feel comfortable during a procedure.

If you would like to learn more about solutions for dental anxiety, call our Birmingham, MI dentist office at 248-972-8720 or schedule an appointment online.