Let Us Correct Your Gummy Smile

Are your healthy and aligned teeth being hidden by an unusually high gum line? Many people with gummy smiles feel self-conscious because an uneven or low gum line can dramatically affect the appearance of your teeth. Dr. Newingham and our talented staff can help you with gummy smile treatment and gum reshaping in Birmingham, MI so that you can finally show off those beautiful pearly whites that have been hidden for way too long!

Uneven and high gum lines can be caused by many different factors including genetics, prescription drug use, and characteristics of your teeth and mouth. They are also often caused by gum disease, which eats away at your gums and causes them to recede. Fortunately, most gum lines can be corrected through gum reshaping or contouring. Gummy smile treatment is a simple procedure that we can perform to remove the excess gum tissue and expose the world to the beautiful teeth that were hidden underneath.

We have several options for you when we need to reshape your gums. Let’s say you have some recession and your gum tissue is receding up the side of your root and either you don’t like the look of it or it’s sensitive when you brush it or you’re starting to make a notch in the side of that root. We have options for you where we refer you to a specialist and that specialist can bring down that gum tissue.
Sometimes there’s situations where we’re trying to correct your smile and correct what you see when you’re talking in the mirror to see what’s visible. Sometimes we have some teeth on this side that are shorter than the teeth on this side or vice versa or your gums just aren’t a symmetric shape. When we’re doing that cosmetic evaluation we can talk about moving your gum tissues up to the correct, you know, the ideal dimensions, because we have an educational background in that. We can reset the gum tissues for you to give you that aesthetic look that you’re looking for.

When you come to our Birmingham, MI office for gum reshaping, we will examine your mouth and determine where the gum line should be. So that you can understand exactly what we will do, we will take pictures of your teeth and show you where we will be moving the gum line. For the procedure, we will apply a little anesthetic, so that you can remain completely comfortable as we adjust your gum line. To do this, we will look at where your gum tissue connects to the bone, and then remove the hard tissue under your gums for the best results. In a few days, your gums will completely heal, and you’ll be able to enjoy your stunning new smile.

For extreme cases of gum recession, we work closely with a skilled specialist to reshape your gums and give you a balanced smile again!

If you are interested in gum reshaping or gummy smile treatment, call our Birmingham, MI office at 248-972-8720 or schedule an appointment using our online form.