A Dental Center in Birmingham, MI for Your Whole Family

We are proud to be a family dentistry practice in Birmingham, MI. When our clients trust us with treating their entire family, we take that responsibility seriously, and we promise to always provide high-quality care to both you and your children. By providing highly individualized treatment, we have found that our family dentistry services are effective for all of our patients, regardless of age.

Bring Your Children with You to the Dentist

I am one of the dental hygienists. There’s two of us here. I see patients for their preventative recalls. I clean their teeth, take x-rays, oral hygiene education. They need any work done, we then turn them over to Dr. Newingham. We talk them through what we are going to do. We do a good job of explaining what’s going on. I think we have some good distractions. The TV is in the operatories help them just to distract them from what’s going on. We have nitrous oxide they can have if they need to relax a little bit, but I think we just from the minute they walk in the door, the front desk just makes them feel comfortable. I think it is just a comfortable atmosphere and that helps take away some of the anxiety they have.
We do see a lot of kids yeah, but it is a very family oriented practice. We do a lot to help make the kids feel comfortable. They come in starting at about 3 years old and some of them grow up in the practice. We do see children. We love to see kids and they seem to have a good experience here. We like to have them come in with their mom or dad prior to having their first visit just to get to know the practice, and we show them around and maybe watch their sibling or parent get their teeth cleaned so they know a little bit of what to expect. Then when they come in for their first visit, we go slow. We talk to them. We show them everything we have, what we are going to do, take the time to explain it. Usually kids do really good. We have toy treasure chest at the end and kid shows they can watch on TV. Kids seem to be happy and are excited to come back, which is what our goal is.

At Newingham Dental Center, we recommend to all of our clients that they bring their children with them during dental cleanings and exams. Dr. Newingham and our staff love meeting and entertaining young children, and we enjoy showing them around the office and teaching them about dentistry. Bringing the youngest members of your family to the dentist will help them feel comfortable at the dentist’s office and will encourage them to seek care from a dentist for the rest of their lives.

As a dental practice that offers family dentistry, the office shouldn’t be an intimidating place, and we do everything we can to make sure that your children are happy and comfortable every time they come to our Birmingham, MI office. We even have an area of the waiting room that’s just for kids, so your child can relax, make a couple new friends, and have fun playing video games or watching movies.

Treating Patients of Every Age

How soon should you bring your children to the dentist? Many of our clients don’t know what the appropriate age is for visiting the dentist, but at Newingham Dental Center, our staff can treat all of your children, regardless of age. Generally, our Birmingham, MI dental practice recommend that you start scheduling family dentistry appointments for your children when they turn three years old, but we’ve seen patients as young as one year old!

This has been the most comfortable place. Where they’re never overly anxious or nervous coming here. Everyone on the staff makes you feel very comfortable. We laugh a lot. We talk about the growth of our children and the different challenges that they’re all going through. It’s a very family oriented practice. Again, even with this being really outside of my network, we still come here because of the atmosphere and the staff here.
They’re very diligent in notifying you when you’re next appointment or six-month appointment is coming up. They often send reminders or give you a personal call or send text messages now. This office I feel is very up to beat with the technology. They use that to the best of their ability as far as communicating with their customers or their patients.
When things are busy or hectic in your life they keep you in sync by keeping in touch with you. We look forward to coming here. We catch up on how each one of the families are doing. We talk about the different challenges and things. The conversation that they start off they don’t just start opening your mouth and start working. We have conversation, laugh a little bit. They allow enough time. You never feel that you’re in a similar line here when you come for your appointments.

When bringing very young children to the dentist, the priority is making them feel comfortable with the dentist and sitting in the chair. We can examine your children’s teeth to make sure that there aren’t any cavities or other problems. Our staff will also talk with your children about dental care and teach them about the correct ways to brush and care for their teeth. This early education can go a long way to giving your children a lifetime of healthy teeth.

If you are looking for a dentist that offers family dentistry, give our Birmingham, MI office a call at 248-972-8720 or schedule an appointment with us online.