Preventing Cavities and Decay One Smile at a Time

At Newingham Dental Center, we treat every client like a member of our family, and your long-term oral health is our top priority. To prevent cavities, decay, and other dental problems, we create long-term preventive dentistry plans for each one of our patients. Every person has a different diet, a different schedule, and a different mouth—and because of that, every one of our clients deserves his or her own treatment plan. We will work with you individually to make sure that the health of your teeth and mouth is protected.

Personalized Care and Attention

Dentistry historically has been what we call a reparative model. We wait until the disease process starts and then we react to it. You got a hole in your tooth? We can fill that hole. You’ve got a missing part of your tooth. Let’s fix that missing part. That’s waiting for the disease process to take place, and then we react to it. We need to move more towards what we call a health model where we’re trying to predict that patient’s disease before they’ve even expressed that they are susceptible to it. When we can meet a patient for the first time and go through their medical history and their dental history, and gather a of our data that we do during that first appointment, we spend more time with them in that first appointment. We spend more time than we would spend in a typical, routine checkup and cleaning, because we want to know where they’re at. We want to try to predict disease before it presents itself, which subsequently can enable us to perform a more predictable treatment with a better long-term outcome so that we can reduce people’s dental needs moving forward.

During your regular exams and cleanings, our Birmingham, MI dental staff will monitor and evaluate the health of your teeth, gums, and mouth. If we notice any changes in your oral health, we will immediately help you identify the problem and talk to you about the risks to your health. Individual attention and communication are the cornerstones of our service, and we believe that providing our clients with as much information as possible will help them better care for their own teeth. Our close monitoring of your dental health is unmatched, and you will experience a level of care that you’ve never experienced before.

Decay Prevention Services

Based on your individualized plan and changes we notice at your regular checkup, we may offer the following preventive dentistry treatments and methods in our Birmingham, MI dental office:
● CariFree products for adults and children
● Mouthguards for TMJ pain management and sleep apnea
● Fluoride treatments
● Sealants
● Saliva diagnostics if we detect early periodontal disease
● DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection device
● Intraoral camera for patients to see their mouths on screen

Protecting the Health of Your Teeth and Mouth

It’s everything from fast, friendly service to impeccable dental work. My very own sister is a dentist, so Dr. Newingham is the only other person that I trust to work on my teeth. My daughter’s really shy when it comes to going to the dentist or any doctor. He has a way with her and he makes her feel really comfortable. She actually talks to him and laughs so she’s not afraid to come here at all. When you walk into his office you feel like you’re going into an old friend’s house. They just make you feel really at home. He explains everything that he’s about to do, so before he starts working on you, you actually know what’s going to happen. That probably eases a lot of fears that someone might have.
From my own experience when I’ve had a few things, a few difficult to detect things, he was always right on it. I never had to wait. He’d say, “Come right in right now. I can fit you in.” He would take a quick look and make sure everything was fine. One of his favorite new tools is the cancer-detecting tool. They shine a light on your mouth and they can make sure that you don’t have any pre-cancerous cells or anything like that. I think it’s really important. He’s probably just the best around. You never have to wait. Whenever you call for an appointment, you can pretty much get in whenever you want. They’re very, very accommodating to your schedule. Once you get here, they make you feel like family.

In order to help you prevent decay and other problems, we recommend that you schedule dental cleanings at least twice a year. We use ultrasonic technology to painlessly and thoroughly remove tartar and plaque from your teeth that you won’t be able to remove by brushing at home. Our Birmingham, MI dental staff will also look for signs of gum disease. If you have gum disease, we offer many preventive dentistry solutions and treat this potentially dangerous problem.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you about preventive dentistry, call our Birmingham, MI dentist office at 248-972-8720 or schedule an appointment online.