This practice is very special to me. The people are so friendly and when you come to the dentist, you usually have that white knuckle, biting your nails for a few days ahead of time. I don’t feel that way. Dr. Newingham is wonderful. I almost treat him like he’s my son, but he’s not. He’s very professional, very current.
The staff here is like a family. They laugh. Sometimes it’s almost too noisy there. They’re having fun. It’s just very friendly and very different from the dental offices that I remember as a child, and I’ve had a lot of dental work through the years.
Recently, I had braces. Adult braces. I asked him, I got brave and said, “You know … They do so many wonderful things today. Is there any hope for me?” At this stage in my life, it’s one of those things on my bucket list, and he connected me to other dentists that are highly trained exceptional with adult needs that I had, and they worked as a team. Dr. Newingham still hovers over me and I can call him when emergencies have come up. Approachable, and willing and wanting, and it’s just wonderful.
I come here for my cleanings every four months between the other dentists and Dr. Newingham, so I’ve gotten to know them on a very personal level and I trust them.