As a massage therapist one of the things I focus on, because I have experienced TMJ dysfunction the past, is doing massage therapy to help relax the muscles and the joints that can cause misalignment, and pain, neck pain, headaches, and so on. They will send their patients if they feel that it would help them. It’s a nice thing that he does for his patients, that he’s concerned enough about how they’re feeling that it goes beyond just the work he does here. It’s nice that he considers their overall health.
Some of it is misalignment, or problems with the actual teeth. Where again, they’re not lining up. That’s more where Dr. Newingham would do his work, but most often people come in and they get a massage, and they get immediately relief from the inflammation and the pain that’s caused from TMJ. I’ll give them tips that they can do some work on their own at home. A lot of it is stressed induced. Getting them to understand that factor, and what they need to do to help themselves de-stress on their own time. People come in and they feel relaxed and a lot better after having a massage done. They’re very concerned about your comfort and your happiness.