The first time I came here, it was just such a great experience. Everybody treats you so well as soon as you walk in the door. They offer you water, coffee, whatever you need. I always leave here having a good time. The first time I came here I laughed. I called my husband and I said, “How do you have a good time at the dentist?” I said, “It was amazing.” I just really enjoy the experience. I always feel like I’m treated so well. It’s smooth sailing.
I had a filling that came out. It left a very large hole in my tooth, so I do have a fear of pain. I was really nervous because I knew I had to get a numbing shot before they actually refilled my tooth. I could not believe that the method he used to distract me for the moment that he gave me the shot, it didn’t even hurt at all and it totally surprised me. He even said, “This could be a little bit painful” because of the spot it was in my mouth and it was a really large hole and he knew there were a lot of nerves around there. I honestly didn’t feel it and it blew my mind that he distracted me long enough to where the shot went in and I didn’t even know it even happened. Moving forward, I’m not worried about coming here if I have to do that again, so that helped a ton.
I always leave in a good mood because they make me laugh and they make me feel so special. I just love it here.