I am very much impressed with Dr. Newingham. The staff is very professional, extremely courteous. I didn’t want to smile because with the previous dental work, the gums had receded because they were metal core crowns. The taps of my teeth were very dark-looking. I, very much, held back on big smiles and a lot of laughter. I had, my upper front, I had six crowns replaced. I also had a bridge made for the lower part of my mouth. Because of the nature of this work, I wasn’t certain how this was all going to go down but it was pretty straightforward. I really didn’t have a whole lot of anxiety about it.
I did not have dental insurance. I was a cash patient, if you will. Because I knew the extent of the expense, I was able to plan accordingly and complete it by the time the dental work was also completed. It worked out very well. If you know me, I am full of laughter all the time. I’m very happy to have this work done.