I’ve really known all the team here since I was little, like born. I’m really comfortable with everyone, and I just told my mom, “Can you just drop me off here, so I can hang out all day?” That’s what makes it more comfortable with me, and that’s why I like it. I did have issues with my teeth. I had pits in them, so I had to get them filled. I cracked one, I had to get minor surgery on that, but it was all very nice. We were laughing and it didn’t hurt that much.
I’m just glad that my smile is more newer. Carrie, or one of the people that’s working on me, will like turn on the Tigers or the Red Wings, which I really like hockey. I like that because it just makes me feel like I’m laying on the couch at home. You’re just really comfortable and everyone treats you like you’re just one big part of a family.