I started seeing Dr. Newingham, I had an emergency needed and he was actually at a different practice near house. He did such a wonderful job. I was so happy with him. I had a semi-partial foreteeth and they started to come loose. I needed to get in immediately and he just took me right away and took his time and just did everything good to save the other teeth and make sure that I could still have everything. It worked out wonderful.
Like I said, it was his preciseness that just amazes me. He just takes his time and he wants to get it right. He wants to make it look natural so that no one knows that you have anything except your natural teeth. Then a few years later, I wanted to go back and I found out he had left that practice. When I called to make the appointment, he told me he had left town.
I started to do research on the Internet to find out where he was. Then I found out that he had his practice here and I started coming back. I just love him, he is so precise. He takes his time. He cares about his patients. The whole staff is the same way, everybody just… it’s like a big family and I really love that feeling.