You get to know the nurses, the hygienists and what not. It’s just a fun time. It’s just a fun time. You feel like part of the family. I had a slight little overbite in back. I was grinding my teeth. We set me up with a little retainer and everything, sleep in, help with that so I don’t keep grinding the teeth. [inaudible 00:00:21] I didn’t really know I was doing it until he showed me the pictures. I’m like, “Oh, I guess I am. Okay.” You do find yourself sleeping better. He does his checkups and he finds little things to improve the smile. They certainly tell you about your flossing and a little spray floss. It makes it a good thing. You can come in here and get the whitening done. You go out and people are just amazed. It’s like, “Wow, your teeth are so bright. Where do you go? Where do you go?” I tell them where I go and everything and I say, “How do you like the place?” Say, “I love the place. Been going there for so long it’s just second nature. I don’t plan on going anywhere else.”