I’ve just loved it. I like the way I’ve been treated and the work has been good. He doesn’t hurt me. When I first started here I was scared to death. I would really be nervous, and it was really strange. I told more people I’d be nervous until I got in the chair, and then for some reason I was relaxed, so figure that one out. I’ve had a few crowns, and I went through all the procedures. The mold they have to take, and the temporary, and all that. The last crown I had done, I came and I walked out in two hours with a new crown. Which I was very happy with, because I didn’t have to go through all that other procedure. I just take confidence in him. He never hurt me before, and I didn’t think he would hurt me again. I was a little … I was curious on how this all was going to happen really, because it was a first. I just was very happy with it.