Is Teeth Grinding Hurting You & Your Smile? (quiz)

At Newingham Dental Center, we do more than just fight cavities and gum disease. We also can help with persistent problems including TMJ and teeth grinding. Grinding and clenching your teeth can lead to headaches, earaches, and jaw pains. This can affect what you can eat, and it can be a ...

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Restore Your White Smile for Your Valentine

Tonight is a special night for you and the love of your life. It’s Valentine’s Day, and you want to look your best for your significant other. You’ve already got reservations for this evening. You have a babysitter to watch the kids. Your hair looks good. You’ve got a nice outfit to ...

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Get Quality Dental Care from Caring Professionals (video)

Dana has been coming to Newingham Dental Center for years, and she trusts us to care for her family as well. In the video below, she explains better than we can why she keeping visiting our Birmingham, MI dentist office. In addition to our variety of services, she appreciates the care and ...

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Make Five Resolutions For A Healthy Smile

With the start of a new year, many people make resolutions about things they want to improve in the coming year. Maybe you want to eat a little better, workout more, or run a marathon. All of those things have to do with your health, which is a good reason to make some resolutions that include ...

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Get the Straight Smile You Want with Aligners

Another year is nearly over, and you still aren’t happy with your smile. Maybe you have an overbite or a gap between your teeth that you would like to close. Maybe your teeth are crooked or crowded. Or you could have a combination of issues that cause you to feel self-conscious about ...

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Enjoy a Pleasant Experience at Our Dentist Office (video)

Your visits to the dentist can and should be pleasant. Really, that’s important to everyone at Newingham Dental Center. When you visit us in Birmingham, MI, we offer a variety of comfort options to make your appointment easier and dental sedation to help you manage any dental anxiety. In ...

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A New Smile Is A Great Gift for Yourself (infographic)

You deserve to do something for yourself. You deserve to make a lasting change that can affect your self-confidence and give you a new reason to smile. You can give yourself a smile makeover at our Birmingham, MI dentist office. Unlike a new haircut or new clothes, your new smile can last the ...

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Enjoy A Healthy & Cavity-Free Holiday Season

If you are like us, you are looking forward to the holiday season — including a number of seasonal treats. With all the cookies, cakes, and other sweets that will be around your home and your workplace, there’s a lot of temptation. That comes with an increased risk of tooth decay. Now, we ...

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Find Out Why One Patient Sought Out Our Doctor (video)

Diane has been a happy patient of Dr. Justin Newingham since before he opened his own practice in Birmingham, MI. In fact, she even sought him out when he did open Newingham Dental Center. As you’ll hear in the video, he was able to help when she had a dental emergency. Today, she trusts him ...

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Give Yourself a White Smile for Christmas

Many singers have sung about dreams of a “White Christmas.” While we’re pretty sure they were talking about snow, we see another way to look at that — and it’s something you can control. You could give yourself the gift of white, bright teeth this holiday season. We have two great ...

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